Jesus and the apostles fought for religious liberty (and so should you)

Pastors should not be sheepish or shy about talking about religious liberty, but should instead be bold in shaping the witness of those entrusted to their spiritual care.

Episode 8: Tim Challies on his Blog, Writing, and the Danger of Pornography

Dr. York sits down with Tim Challies (writer, author of the popular blog Challies, and pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario) to discuss writing, teaching, the internet and pornography.

The church’s role in racial reconciliation: a sermon by Martin Luther King Jr.

“Segregation is a moral evil which no Christian can accept. The church must make it clear that if we are to be true witnesses of Jesus Christ, we can no longer give our allegiance to a system of segregation.”

Why you need Advent more than you realize

The waiting of Advent is actually good for us and is molding us into the likeness of Christ.

How to read the news like a Christian

We live in very different times now. That news headline that scares or angers you begs for your attention.