The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: The Trinity as Theological Foundation for Family Ministry

The title of this article may raise some immediate questions in the minds of readers: Is there really a connection between the doctrine of the Trinity and the design and practice of family ministry (1)?

Every House a Household of Faith: Family Worship Among the Puritans, Part 2–The Father’s Role

A Headship of “Love and Complicated Interest”: The Father’s Role in the Puritan Household

Fathers as Shepherds

Fathers are called to be pastors in their homes.

Book Review: ‘Christian Nurture’ by Horace Bushnell

Part of Bushnell’s thesis is that parents are responsible for the spiritual development of their children; he argues that Christian nurture begins in the home.

The Problem and the Promise of Family Ministry

After decades on the back burner of congregational life, family ministry has suddenly become a hot topic.

Volume 1, Issue 2: Family Ministry and Fatherhood

Volume 1, Issue 1: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Family Ministry

Modeling Modesty

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Why topical preaching can never build a healthy church

Expository preaching is central to God’s plan for building healthy churches.

The Living God of the Bible

The Never-Changing Christ For An Ever-Changing Culture

Empowered by the Spirit of God: The Holy Spirit in the Historiographic Writings of the Old Testament

The SBJT Sermon: The Gospel Truth

Is There a Battle to Define God?