How to bring about change in your church (without getting fired)

Bring about change in your church through careful, patient, and intentional leadership.

Dangers of denial in 
a declining church

Many dying churches refuse to see the diminishing influence of their churches for the good of the Kingdom and do nothing about it. Denial means more and more churches will be closing their doors.

Restoring the church’s first love: a case study from the church at Ephesus

In our terms, Paul sends Timothy to revitalize the church at Ephesus.

5 mistakes pastors make when preaching controversial doctrine

A pastor must never forget that God sent him to love the people, not merely to imbue them with biblical facts.

The Pastor’s Home as Paradigm of the Church’s Family Ministry

The idea of fathers as the pastors of their homes is not one constructed artificially; it arises from the testimony of Scripture. The word “pastor” comes from the Latin word for “shepherd”—and every father is called to serve as a shepherd in his home (5).

Why the Great Commission Isn’t Just for Missionaries

As the victorious and triumphant Lord, Christ sends his people out into the world. It is under the marching orders of King Jesus that we, as his ambassadors, take the gospel to the nations.

How to care about social justice (without losing the gospel)

We need to stop pretending that Jesus does not call his churches to act on behalf of the poor, the sojourner, the fatherless, the vulnerable, the hungry, the sex-trafficked, the unborn.

All of the church’s best leaders should move away. Here’s why.

The task of a pioneer missionary is not a fall-back option for those who can’t make it in the States.

"When Conflict Fractures Your Family" – John Piper Reflects on the Home and Ministry

In a recent “Ask Pastor John” podcast, Tony Reinke asked John Piper, “What steals your joy?”

The Portrayal of Fathers in Popular Media

At best, television dads are nominal or figurehead leaders of the home, but at worst, they are relegated to the intellectual level of the family pet.

Training Children for Their Good

We tend to hold very strong views about parental discipline, and those views are often rooted in our experience.

A Word-Centered Culture Instead of a Man-Centered Culture

The danger is that we will become man-centered instead of Word-centered, so that we prize the preacher more than what is preached.

Expository preaching and the recovery of Christian worship

The church will not be judged by the Lord for the quality of her music but for the faithfulness of her preaching.

Expositores Summit 2013: Sesión General 4

Available in English here.