How Should I Preach Chiasms?

As you grow in your appreciation for the beauty of the Scriptures, may your preaching reflect the glory of God, to the praise of his great name among his people.

What must an elder be if he is “apt to teach”?

If we’re honest, every Christian would rather have a faithful preacher who occasionally mumbles words and gets lost in his notes than a shallow, captivating one.

Am I Preaching Moralism When I Preach Character Sketches from the OT?

In nearly 30 years of preaching through the Old Testament regularly, I’ve enjoyed helping God’s people see that he teaches some of his greatest truths through biography.

Why we need faithful preaching—even when it doesn’t seem to apply to us

If you want to be trained, mature, and ready for the good works God’s prepared for you to do each day, learn his Word well—even when it feels like he’s talking to someone else.

Preacher, watch your tone in the pulpit

The orality of preaching makes it a more powerful medium than writing.

The ministry goal no one talks about

I seriously doubt that I will ever see someone else complete the exposition of the New Testament in such a thorough way to one local church ever again. But I hope you’d consider making it your goal.

3 ways misguided biblical theology leads to misguided sermons

Faithful sermons exposit the text, and faithful exposition takes into account the text’s literary, historical, covenantal, and ultimately canonical context.

Episode 33: Clint Pressley discusses preaching and pastoring in North Carolina.

Dr. York sits down with Clint Pressley (senior pastor, Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC) to discuss preaching and pastoring in North Carolina.

Why we need the book of Revelation right now (and always)

The Christ who died and lives forever and ever tells Christians to Fear Not.

8 ways to find better sermon illustrations

In the spirit of trying to encourage the effective use of illustrations, here are eight places to look for them.

Can I preach from an iPad? Five things to consider

Minister that word and do not rely much at all on the “mechanics” of what you read from.

5 more ways to improve sermon preparation this week

Brothers, make some intentional plans today to improve your sermon preparation.

4 practical steps to stop saying “Um” while preaching

It is amazing the progress we can make over our unnecessary speech fillers once we own them and begin to focus on working ourselves out of them.

Why our Sundays should center on sermons

Preaching is the overwhelming witness of Scripture as the means of communicating the words of God.

Why every preacher should know John Broadus

Broadus’ “soul was on fire with the truth which he trusted had saved him and he hoped would save others”

4 Ministry Lessons I Learned as a Car Salesman

I stepped into car sales out of necessity, to put food on the table. Little did I know God would use this wilderness journey to teach me how to pastor.

4 things you need to be a more faithful preacher

A preacher of the gospel must have a pastor’s heart.

Should we use humor in preaching? (4 things to know)

We serve a sovereign—and yes, a happy—God. Let’s be quick to laugh at ourselves.