How Can I Treat Church Staff Well?

There are a few things that I’ve learned through the years that have helped me manage, befriend, encourage, and serve the Lord with my staff.

How to Handle Church Staff Conflict

A church staff working together in harmony and loving one another for God’s glory is a crucial ingredient to a healthy church.

How Can Your Church Use Easter for Evangelism?

If an unbeliever were to attend a church service, it would most likely be at Christmas or Easter. How can we prepare our churches for an evangelistic harvest this Easter? Let me suggest five ways.

Episode 60: How to Care for the Needy

In this episode, Hershael York walks through how a church can go about planning a benevolence ministry. How does a church care for the needy well, and in a balanced fashion?

Episode 55: What Does a Successful Church Look like

In this episode, Hershael York discusses the purpose and importance of a church body.

Episode 52: Permanent Disqualifications from Pastoral Ministry

In this episode, Hershael York talks about the process of redemption and repentance within ministry.

Episode 50: A Pastor-Led Church vs an Elder-Led Church

In this episode, Hershael York talks about different church structures and what best suits a body of believers.

Episode 43: How to Practice Church Discipline

In this episode, Hershael York talks about the importance of practicing church discipline and how to get ahead of it.

Episode 42: Should You Marry Two Unbelievers?

In this episode, Hershael York talks about preaching the gospel while counseling non-christians that are preparing for marriage.

Elizabeth the Faithful: A Brief Reflection on the Queen

Having been born in the mid-1950s, Elizabeth II (1926–2022) is the only monarch I have ever had. And so, it is very strange to hear the time-hallowed refrain, “The Queen is dead. Long live the King!”

The Importance of Corporate Prayer

Let us pray — both privately and together and as brothers and sisters in the family of God!

The Church’s Mere Identity

Unlike the world and its character of sinfulness, the church is characterized by holiness.

The Priestly Ministry of Peacemaking

We must be marked not merely by the courage to do battle when necessary but also the gentleness, wisdom, and endurance needed to win the peace.

How Should a Pastor Handle Criticism? This Book Gives Excellent Advice

Pastors are sinners dealing with sinners, so criticism is inevitable while ministering in a fallen world.

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

In our fallen world, sin knows no boundaries, sheep bite, wolves creep into churches, and life is hard.

“Weird Stuff” Might Be Good Stuff in the Local Church

Embracing the ordinary means of grace as a sufficient and comprehensive approach to ministry isn’t merely about coming to the right theological conclusions, it’s a matter of the heart.

Dear Seminarian, Go to Church Where You’ll be Most Useful

Without a Christ-centered desire to be useful to his church, personal preference and comfort become the deciding factors. When that happens, we have become consumers, and the church is our product.

Opposition Is Coming, Pastor. How Will You Handle It?

The Holy Spirit works through the preaching of the Word to accomplish far more than a pastor will ever know, even in opposition.