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4 things to remember when choosing worship music

While everyone has their favorite music, the bride of Christ represents a diversity of age, perspective, and preference.

3 ways God’s grace is amazing

The Lord’s grace sustains, transforms, and carries us into eternity.

4 vital questions to ask during a revitalization process

Revitalization demands that we learn how to live with the tension between the way things are and the way God wants them to be.

6 encouragements for introverted church leaders

Even as an introvert, when I realize that Christ has taken the initiative to reach out to me in love, then I can find the strength to initiate conversations with strangers.

3 steps to revitalizing your home

Managing your own kids is vital because the way you manage your kids is the way you’ll manage God’s children.

Expository preaching is good for the preacher

Expository preaching takes the whole burden off the preacher and places it where it belongs: on the Word of God. It is the Word’s job to feed the sheep. As the preacher, I just set the table.

Author Interview: R. Albert Mohler Jr. on “The Apostles’ Creed”

R. Albert Mohler Jr. discusses his new book “The Apostles’ Creed” on discovering authentic Christianity in an age of counterfeits

4 dangers in planting churches across ethnic lines

In order to remain a missionary, you must fight against your natural tendency to connect with those who look like you and intentionally develop cross-cultural friendships.

Why you need the ‘daily bread’ of prayer

When I evaluate my own prayers, I realize that I don’t usually pray for “daily” bread. I usually pray for “yearly” bread or “decades” of bread.

8 reasons Baptist history should matter to you

Studying Baptist history enables us to become Baptists by theological conviction. It teaches us that there are many good biblical and theological reasons to hold a firm grip upon Baptist ecclesiology as a necessary biblical complement to a robust confessional, evangelical orthodoxy.

10 challenges you’ll face in ministry

Leading God’s people is unlike any other task in the world — which is why it requires a calling of the Spirit, and not merely training for a job.

Pastor in progress: Four marks of a faithful servant

If you find that you are not a perfect pastor, do not be surprised or dismayed. Recalibrate your expectations and be grateful for the progress God is making in your own heart and soul.

5 surprising lessons from revitalizing a dying congregation

Church revitalization is hard work, and many of the lessons I’ve learned have been not just unexpected, but difficult and painful.

Author Interview: Timothy Paul Jones & Michael Wilder, “The God Who Goes Before You”

Timothy Paul Jones & Michael Wilder converse about their new upcoming book, “The God Who Goes Before You”.

How to deal with addictions: Kill them

Addictions do not die in one decisive action. They die over a long period of time.

Go to church — even when you don’t feel like it

In the good times, we don’t need covenants, because we can get by on feelings alone. But covenant communities hold us up when we’re faltering.

5 myths about seminary

Seminary can by no means teach everything you need to know, but it puts strong tools in your box to set you up for a lifetime of matriculating in the school of Christ.

Don’t unhitch from preaching and teaching fullness of the OT

By including the Old Testament in our teaching, we actively find ways to connect the ancient roots of our faith to the stories about Jesus, bringing together one coherent, metanarrative.