How Can Your Church Use Easter for Evangelism?

If an unbeliever were to attend a church service, it would most likely be at Christmas or Easter. How can we prepare our churches for an evangelistic harvest this Easter? Let me suggest five ways.

Bookstore Event | Panel Discussion on Tom Schreiner’s book “Salvation”

Tom Schreiner, Gregg Allison, and Bruce Ware discuss Schreiner’s latest book.

Using the Jesus Method to Witness to Your Muslim Neighbor

During Jesus’s earthly ministry, he asked brilliant questions. Whenever Jesus asks a question, he makes a point or moves the discussion to another level.

12 Unexpected Ways the Kentucky Baptist Convention Changed (and Currently Changes) My Life

I recognized how Baptist associations have stood behind all the major ministry roles I’ve undertaken in one way or another. Here is a snapshot of twelve ways the Kentucky Baptist Convention and affiliated local associations, have blessed me:

Preaching for the Long Haul

Sermon preparation is hard work, but the word of God and the fruit God produces through the preaching of his word are worthy of that labor invested in it.

Bookstore Event | An Interview with Dr. Stephen Wellum on his new Systematic Theology

Dr. Gregg Allison interviews Stephen Wellum about his new book Systematic Theology: From Canon to Concept

5 Things a Pastor Should Consider When Using a Commentary

Pastors today have access to countless resources and commentaries to help aid in their preparation, but that raises the question how should a pastor use a commentary?

Bookstore Events: Barry Gibson | “The Power of Repentance”

Dr. John Wilsey interviews Dr. Barry Gibson about his new book The Power of Repentance: How God Changes Lives,

The Prosperity Gospel and the Need for Pilgrim Pastors

When a Pauline theology of suffering is seen in its connection to glory, the prosperity gospel is seen for what it truly is, namely, a different gospel, which is really no gospel at all.

How Critical Race Theory Gets Scripture’s Teaching on Wealth Wrong

What people say about wealth is a window into their worldview.

3 Insights to Consider Before You Sing Bethel and Hillsong in Church

Many of the criticisms warning evangelical churches from using the songs of the prosperity gospel movement are unwittingly liable to some of the same errors they critique.

How Should I Preach the Funeral of a Non-believer?

I know it sounds odd to say that I enjoy funerals more than weddings, but I do, because people are dialed in.

31 questions to ask for a more Christ-centered 2024

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to stop, look up, and get our bearings. To that end, here are some questions to ask prayerfully in the presence of God.

Why Did God Create Sleep?

In answering these questions, we have to remember that the reality of human sleep is not a new, recent, or modern phenomenon. It can actually trace its origins all the way back to the very beginning of scripture.

Singing a New Song: A Country Star’s Journey from Suffering to Ministry

When you hear my name, I want you to think, “Granger Smith? Oh, I’ve heard of him. What a great Savior we have in Jesus!”

Glorifying God through Miscarriage

God entrusted us with a wonderful gift, even if for only a short time. We now trust God who is a far better caretaker than we could ever be.

Five Pernicious Lies the Beatitudes Correct

An interview with author Chris Castaldo about The Upside Down Kingdom: Wisdom for Life from the Beatitudes

Who Are the Sons of God, Daughters of Man, and Nephilim?

In Genesis 6:1–4, the reader encounters one of the most challenging passages in all of Scripture to interpret.