Episode 21: Trillia Newbell on equipping women & pursuing diversity in the Church

Dr. York sits down with Trillia Newbell (author, Director of Community Outreach at the ERLC) to discuss training/equipping women & pursuing diversity in the Church.

7 ways theology can change your Bible reading

Understanding the Bible as a unified redemptive story dramatically changes the way we approach it.

4 steps to be a more trusted leader today

Every leader has to establish credibility. It can take years to develop, but can be lost in a moment.

6 tips for leading your church with vision

By effectively sharing a vision for ministry, pastors can help their church serve Christ in all that they do.

Episode 20: Dan Darling on gospel characters, writing, & preaching

Dr. York sits down with Dan Darling (VP for Communications at the ERLC) to discuss Gospel characters, writing, & preaching.

A crowd can’t satisfy a pastor, but Christ can

Self-promotion is out of place for servants of Christ, who often turned down opportunities for self-promotion for the sake of his mission.

Best Of: The top articles on Southern Equip in 2019

Here is a collection of our most popular resources from the past year.

Five reasons you should read the whole Bible in 2020

Every student of the Bible, particularly those who are charged with teaching it, should commit to reading it in a calendar year.

Six ways the cradle points to the cross

The good news links the Christmas story with Easter and shows how one is incomplete without the other.

Episode 19: Christopher Ash on writing, marriage, and advice for young pastors

Dr. York sits down with Christopher Ash (preacher, teacher, writer in residence at Tyndale House) to discuss writing, marriage, and advice for young pastors.

What does godly encouragement look like?

Don’t underestimate the impact your encouragement might have in someone’s life.

Episode 18: Michael & Seth York on growing up in a pastor’s home

Dr. York sits down with his sons Michael and Seth York to discuss the joys and challenges of growing up as the children of a pastor.

Author Interview: Michael A.G. Haykin on Being a Pastor

Michael A.G. Haykin discusses his latest book “Being a Pastor: A Conversation with Andrew Fuller”

How much doctrine does one have to know to be saved?

Asking about the minimal level of doctrinal knowledge a Christian must have is dangerous if one is trying to get out of believing the whole Bible. But if it is asked humbly, the answer is a sweet reminder that, as the old adage goes, the gospel is shallow enough for a child to wade in and deep enough for an adult to swim in.

Balancing people and place in missions

Jesus commissions his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. That command necessitates focus on both peoples and also places.

Episode 17: Nathan Lino on evangelism & mercy ministry

Dr. York sits down with Nathan Lino (founder and senior pastor of Northeast Houston Baptist Church in Houston, TX) to discuss evangelism & mercy ministry.

Episode 16: Charlie Dates on his journey to faithful pastoral ministry

Dr. York sits down with Charlie Dates (senior pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago, IL) to discuss his journey to faithful pastoral ministry.

‘For he is our peace’: The centrality of the gospel of Christ in racial reconciliation

Only the gospel of Christ can solve the problem of racism. Only the gospel can assure us that in Christ there is hope for reconciliation with God, and with one another.