Balancing people and place in missions

Jesus commissions his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. That command necessitates focus on both peoples and also places.

Episode 17: Nathan Lino on evangelism & mercy ministry

Dr. York sits down with Nathan Lino (founder and senior pastor of Northeast Houston Baptist Church in Houston, TX) to discuss evangelism & mercy ministry.

Episode 16: Charlie Dates on his journey to faithful pastoral ministry

Dr. York sits down with Charlie Dates (senior pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago, IL) to discuss his journey to faithful pastoral ministry.

‘For he is our peace’: The centrality of the gospel of Christ in racial reconciliation

Only the gospel of Christ can solve the problem of racism. Only the gospel can assure us that in Christ there is hope for reconciliation with God, and with one another.

Episode 15: The Mohlers on marriage, ministry, and SBTS

In this LIVE episode of Pastor Well, Hershael York sits down with Dr. & Mrs. R. Albert Mohler to discuss marriage, ministry, and SBTS.

Author Interview: Thomas R. Schreiner on Handbook on Acts and Paul’s Letters

Thomas R. Schreiner discusses his latest book “Handbook on Acts and Paul’s Letters”

New book dives deep into Andrew Fuller, the pastor

Andrew Fuller is a voice from the past that is worthy of befriending.

Episode 14: Kevin Ezell on friendship, family, and purity

Hershael York sits down with Kevin Ezell — president of the North American Mission Board — to discuss friendship, family, and purity.

Does Paul want husbands and wives to ‘submit to one another’?

The pattern for a husband’s headship is Christ’s headship over his bride — the church.

The Christian sexual ethic is going to be the dividing line — and not just because of Christians

Many Christian leaders have been warning for some time that the issue of Christianity’s sexual ethic is going to be a dividing line — that it would be a Reformation-like moment that would lead to dividing denominations, tearing asunder friendships and unity in its wake. That is no longer speculative.

Episode 13: H.B. Charles Jr. on preaching, pastoring, and trusting God

Hershael York sits down with H.B. Charles Jr. (author, pastor at Shiloh Church in Jacksonville, FL) to discuss preaching, pastoring, and trusting God.

Biblical narrative is ambiguous (and why that’s a good thing)

The next time you get frustrated with those biblical authors for making their stories so hard to understand, remember: God did it for a reason.

Six reasons Romans 7 is written from the perspective of a post-conversion Christian

I believe Paul is describing his Christian experience in Romans 7:14-25. Here’s why.

Episode 12: Alistair Begg on preaching, marriage, and long-term ministry

In the LIVE premiere of Pastor Well season 2, Hershael York sits down with Alistair Begg (author, pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, OH, host of Truth for Life) to discuss preaching, marriage, and long-term ministry.

8 reasons pastors need the Reformation

Praise God that it pleased him to work through ordinary men like Luther and Calvin to unleash afresh an extraordinary gospel to work in all its grace-driven power in my life and in the lives of countless millions of other believers and pastors through the century.

A primer on ethical triage

Churches need to understand the ethical demands of the gospel, which means carefully triaging ethical essentials from non-essentials.

What are the tongues of fire in Acts 2? (Part 2)

Throughout Acts, the Spirit works in believers to empower them for service.

What are the tongues of fire in Acts 2? (Part 1)

The underlying idea in the symbolism of Pentecost was that if God was able to redeem his people from Egypt, then he would be able to provide for their lives too, just as he had promised.