Episode 62: How to Minister to those Struggling with Same Sex Attraction

In this episode, Hershael York talks about how to minister to people with same sex attraction in your church.

Episode 54: Guarding Against Pornography

In this episode, Hershael York talks about individuals recovering from porn addiction and the dangers of allowing it to grow.

The Transgender Revolution as a Happiness Crisis

With the transgender revolution, we’re not just facing the rejection of God’s blueprint for sexuality—we’re facing a crisis in God’s blueprint for happiness.

Pursue God, not pornography

If you’ve got areas in your life that you are intentionally keeping in the dark, you’ve not only got to confess your sin, but you’ve got to attach yourself to people who can help keep you accountable.

How do pastors fight pornography?

Don’t think that because you are a pastor you’re beyond using the common means that porn strugglers typically use.

Transgender children: Responding in the local church

What should church leaders do if a congregation member asks for their child to be identified as transgender

Winning souls, not a culture war: Burk, Lambert on ministering to homosexuals

EDITOR’S NOTE: In what follows, Denny Burk, professor of biblical studies at Boyce College, and Heath Lambert, assistant professor of biblical counseling, discuss their new book, Transforming Homosexuality, with Towers writer Annie Corser. AC: Why did you pursue writing this book together? DB: My initial concern was driven by things I was seeing in evangelical Christianity, in which we…