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God sometimes moves us through good books

Sometimes at certain times in our lives God uses particular books to move us in significant ways. We wonder how it is that we could be reading that book at that exact time and God can guide us in that exact way.

How to be a global Christian without getting on a plane

The fact is, God has been seeking out the nations long before us. As you set your sights on the world, you’ll begin to discover his global desire throughout the pages of scripture.

Religious liberty and persecution: a global perspective

Our suffering brothers and sisters beckon us not to let the cost of following Christ in our culture silence our faith.

Why the Great Commission isn’t just for missionaries

As the victorious and triumphant Lord, Christ sends his people out into the world. It is under the marching orders of King Jesus that we, as his ambassadors, take the gospel to the nations.

All of the church’s best leaders should move away. Here’s why.

The task of a pioneer missionary is not a fall-back option for those who can’t make it in the States.