How the Manger Mocks Death

Christ’s treading over death turned the once feared enemy into an object of jeering. As Christ rose from the dead, so every dying believer, in their resurrection, proclaims his overwhelming victory.

Episode 49: How Long Should You Spend on Sermon Prep?

In this episode, Hershael York talks about how pastors in various circumstances can best prepare for sermons while using the time they have efficiently.

Episode 48: How to Prevent Burnout in Ministry

In this episode, Hershael York talks about the importance of rest and taking care of oneself while actively doing ministry.

Pastor, Don’t Forget to Add Personal Evangelism to Your Crazy Schedule

I have never seen a church with a culture of evangelism who didn’t also have a pastor passionately and actively engaged in evangelism.

Episode 44: How to be a Missions-Minded Church

In this episode, Hershael York walks through how to be a church that cares for missionaries, and how to be mindful of those working in the field through giving and mission trips.

Episode 43: How to Practice Church Discipline

In this episode, Hershael York talks about the importance of practicing church discipline and how to get ahead of it.

Episode 41: Knowing Your Ministry Calling

In this episode, Hershael York explains how God reveals His will within a Pastor’s ministry calling.

Episode 40: Preaching the Funeral of a Nonbeliever

In this episode, Hershael York explains how pastors should approach preaching the funerals of nonbelievers.

Episode 38: Protecting and Cultivating Your Marriage

In this episode, Hershael York explains how ministry leaders can invest in the most valuable relationship in your life and ministry.

In Defense of an Expositional Student Ministry

Student ministries that fail to disciple students in Scripture shouldn’t be surprised when the world has discipled them away from the faith in young adult years.

The Importance of Corporate Prayer

Let us pray — both privately and together and as brothers and sisters in the family of God!

How Should a Pastor Handle Criticism? This Book Gives Excellent Advice

Pastors are sinners dealing with sinners, so criticism is inevitable while ministering in a fallen world.

Does the Great Commission Require Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is part of Christ’s marching orders for every local church.

The 8 Stages of a Long-Term Pastoral Ministry

One day every shepherd will give an accounting to the Chief Shepherd. May we be able to offer a good report from every stage.

“Weird Stuff” Might Be Good Stuff in the Local Church

Embracing the ordinary means of grace as a sufficient and comprehensive approach to ministry isn’t merely about coming to the right theological conclusions, it’s a matter of the heart.

Author Interviews – Timothy Beougher “Invitation to Evangelism”

A conversation with Timothy Beougher about his new book, “Invitation To Evangelism: Sharing The Gospel With Conviction And Compassion”

Why Did Jesus’s Teaching Astonish His Hearers?

Jesus proved to be a masterful chess player. He simply refused to get caught in verbal or intellectual traps, and in fact always managed to turn the heat back on the one who posed the challenge in the first place.

4 Reasons Why It’s Important for a Pastor to Know Himself

Until heaven, our motives will never be as pure as they should be. But how can we know if they are carnal unless we first know ourselves?