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An Overture for New (and Returning) Seminarians

The fulfillment of your calling is not just a future possibility. The fulfillment of your calling to ministry is something you are responsible to pursue and demonstrate in the here and now.

Perseverance of the saints demands church discipline

Church discipline can be the mechanism for inspecting the genuineness of conversion.

What your elders wish you knew, but are reluctant to tell you

The joy of serving as an undershepherd of the Chief Shepherd is all the greater when shared with other called and qualified men.

Episode 11: D. A. Carson on seminary, theology, and The Gospel Coalition

In the Season 1 finale episode of the Pastor Well Podcast, Dr. York sits down with D.A. Carson to discuss seminary, theology, and The Gospel Coalition.

Letter to a pastor struggling with his call to ministry

I can assure you that you’re not the first pastor to wrestle with the question of whether you’re really called to pastoral ministry.

Is Christian education safe?

A college or university can be a very unsafe space. But perhaps not for the reasons you think.

4 strategies for dealing with textual variants in your preaching

If you preach long enough, you’ll encounter textual variants. Here’s what you should know when you do.

Episode 10: JT English on training and equipping in the local church

Dr. York sits down with JT English, Pastor of the Village Church Institute in Dallas, TX, to discuss training and equipping in the local church.

How to identify a biblical pattern for worship

Every time believers assemble in God’s name, we participate in a heavenly reality. So, we should order our assemblies by the divine pattern God has given.

Don’t assume Scripture’s view of gender

Gender will become a wedge between this generation and the Word.

Episode 9: Bob Russell on preaching, pastoring, and ministry that endures

Dr. York sits down with Bob Russell (author, former pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY) to discuss preaching, pastoring, and ministry that endures.

How you can help your worship leader

The greatest joy of a worship leader is when people see more of Christ, when people’s burdens are lifted by Christ, when their hope and joy in Christ begins to rise.

Episode 8: Tim Challies on his Blog, Writing, and the Danger of Pornography

Dr. York sits down with Tim Challies (writer, author of the popular blog Challies, and pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario) to discuss writing, teaching, the internet and pornography.

3 questions pastors should ask before they fight for change in their church

In ministry, you’ll need to choose your battles wisely. Here’s how.

Why you should read the Bible over and over

As we return to Scripture year after year, we are better prepared to see what has been there all along.

Episode 7: Singleness, same-sex attraction, and preaching with Sam Allberry

Dr. York sits down with author, pastor, and speaker Sam Allberry to discuss singleness, same-sex attraction, and preaching.

Where a desperate small-town pastor found hope

In ministry, God lets us grow hungry so we realize how desperately we need him.

Episode 6: Preaching, theology, and writing with Thomas Schreiner

Dr. York sits down with Dr. Thomas Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Professor of Biblical Theology and Associate Dean of the School of Theology, to discuss preaching, theology, and writing.