God is most glorified when He is most seen. Recall Moses’ encounter with God on Sinai, or the Mount of Transfiguration. What made those experiences so special, so unique? God revealing Himself. As divine image bearers, our greatest calling in life is to glorify God by making Him known. Of course, this is true of every human being. So how do biblical counselors uniquely glorify Christ in every way? We help people see Christ as He is. We do this by imaging Christ and His love in the way we live, and the way we love and care for those we are blessed to counsel. We help them become like Him in their own lives so they see Him more and more in themselves as they are transformed into His image. As they grow to be more like Jesus, others will see Jesus in them and likewise be transformed.

Ezra 7:10 is one of my favorite verses because it sets forth a threefold call of all ministers of the Gospel: to study the Law of the LORD, to live it, and to teach it to others. While there is necessarily some sequence to this, we must know the Law before we can live it, it is not sequential in the sense that we move from one phase to the next, leaving behind the prior phase. We must continually learn, live, and teach the Word of God recognizing how each element serves and builds on each other. As biblical counselors we need to regularly be refreshed and trained in the Word of God. As we are ministering the Word to others, our lives should exemplify the counsel we give. We show the love of Christ, not simply share it. As “little christs” we should long to declare, as Paul did, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ” (1 Cor 11:1).

Through the Word exemplified in our lives, and proclaimed through our lips, biblical counselors seek to help counselees be transformed into the image of Jesus. Transformation is not mere behavior modification. It is the gradual process of progressive sanctification that works from the inside out. We focus on the heart seeking to align a person’s whole heart and thus their whole person: God’s original design for mankind. We address people’s thoughts, feelings, and desires seeking to align them with God’s. Our aim is to help people think what is true, to think God’s thoughts after Him. We want them to desire what is right, to hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matt 5:6). We want them to feel what is appropriate, to emote as Jesus would if He were in their shoes. As someone’s heart is transformed to be in line with God’s, her whole person conforms to His standards.

People notice change. If you’ve ever been around someone who went from unbeliever to follower of Jesus you can testify to this reality. When people notice changes in a person it piques their curiosity. Negative changes push people away, positive ones draw them in. When a mother turns her attention away from her phone and back to her children the whole family is blessed. When a boss changes style from domineering to servant leading his employees will be intrigued. These transformations will draw people in and give opportunity to testify to the source of their change: the gospel applied to life. People will see good works and glorify our heavenly Father (Matt 5:16). Other times our counsel helps people in the midst of their suffering. 1 Peter is written to sufferers and highlights that their suffering is the backdrop on which the gospel shines forth. Having hope in the midst of our lament is different from the way the world suffers and it causes many to ask, “Why do you have hope?” In those moments, Christians get to share the faith once for all delivered to the saints (1 Pet 3:15, Jude 1:3).

When the watching world sees Christians transformed, persevering, having joy in the midst of suffering, putting away sin and putting on righteousness, at peace in the midst of chaos and trials they want to know more. As they hear the gospel, respond and begin the growth process themselves they become the fruit of another’s ministry, that will one day bear its own fruit as their lives likewise draw more to faith and growth in Jesus. In short, biblical counselors glorify Christ in everything by faithfulness in life that leads to fruitfulness in the Kingdom.