Elizabeth the Faithful: A Brief Reflection on the Queen

Having been born in the mid-1950s, Elizabeth II (1926–2022) is the only monarch I have ever had. And so, it is very strange to hear the time-hallowed refrain, “The Queen is dead. Long live the King!”

Religious Nationalism is a Problem for the Right and Left

We do not have to look far for examples of Christian nationalism emanating from the right. But equally troubling is the secular nationalism and state-driven civil religion that’s emerging from the left.

4 lessons on fellowship from Bonhoeffer and COVID-19

While Bonhoeffer’s context of persecution is far removed from our context of social distancing and self-isolation, our inability to gather provides us with a fresh lens to consider his words.

Why every preacher should know John Broadus

Broadus’ “soul was on fire with the truth which he trusted had saved him and he hoped would save others”

4 Ways Church History Can Help Every Christian

As we look at the historical record, it would be short-sighted in the extreme not to see the hand of God.

7 reasons you need church history

Wisdom from the past should be warmly embraced by Christians today.

Spurgeon’s suffering is an example for all pastors

Though his suffering was great, Spurgeon’s faith was strong.

8 reasons pastors need the Reformation

Praise God that it pleased him to work through ordinary men like Luther and Calvin to unleash afresh an extraordinary gospel to work in all its grace-driven power in my life and in the lives of countless millions of other believers and pastors through the century.