How Can a Counselor Glorify Christ in Every Way?

Through the Word exemplified in our lives, and proclaimed through our lips, biblical counselors seek to help counselees be transformed into the image of Jesus.

Glorifying God through Miscarriage

God entrusted us with a wonderful gift, even if for only a short time. We now trust God who is a far better caretaker than we could ever be.

Episode 62: How to Minister to those Struggling with Same Sex Attraction

In this episode, Hershael York talks about how to minister to people with same sex attraction in your church.

Episode 58: How to Respond to People that Disappoint You

In this episode, Hershael York talks about how to respond to hurt within a church setting.

Episode 42: Should You Marry Two Unbelievers?

In this episode, Hershael York talks about preaching the gospel while counseling non-christians that are preparing for marriage.

The Sinful Roots of Anger

If we describe our anger merely as sin, we will not gain the insight necessary for overcoming it.

Nine Guidelines for Counseling Suicidal People

While you can’t solve all the problems a suicidal person faces, you can pleadingly and prayerfully point him to the One who can, and you can commit to walking with him through his struggles.

You’re a Pastor, Not a Therapist

A pastor’s job is not to dismiss personal experience, but rather to help people see it differently—specifically, to see it according to who God is and the chief purpose of his design for human life.

3 Foundational Truths to Fight Our Fears

Wherever you find fearful people in Scripture you repeatedly find God’s response, “Do not fear!” or “Don’t be afraid!”

Does the Great Commission Require Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is part of Christ’s marching orders for every local church.

Author Interviews – Jeremy Pierre “When Home Hurts”

Author Interview

A Theology of Disappointment

When you’re living in a broken world, sometimes believing and wanting the right things means you’ll be disappointed.

Perfectionism Will Only Make You Miserable

Perfectionism is the tendency to expect flawless performance from self and others, resulting in frustration at any sign of failure.

8 Things You Need to Know About Counseling

Everyone is called to personal ministry of the Word. An essential element of every calling is to know people and to help them process their lives before the Lord. 

When does a pastor stop counseling?

When to end counseling is always a judgment call. Here’s how to make it.

Love change or hate it? How to respond when things shift

Our hearts determine how we respond to change because the heart is mission control center for human functioning.

What the Bible Says About Leading Difficult People

Annoyance is not an attribute someone can possess; it’s a response we have.

Dealing with disappointment to the glory of God

Disappointment is a gauge of how a person perceives his life—what he believes about it and wants from it.