Bringing Light to Darkness: How the Jenkins Center Equips Christians to Love Their Muslim Neighbors

Since its founding, the Jenkins Center has provided and produced resources to help Christians boldly, respectfully, and relevantly proclaim the gospel to Muslims.

Using the Jesus Method to Witness to Your Muslim Neighbor

During Jesus’s earthly ministry, he asked brilliant questions. Whenever Jesus asks a question, he makes a point or moves the discussion to another level.

Nine Important Facts about Muhammad

By learning about the prophet of Islam, Christians will be better able to speak of our hope in Christ to Muslims around us.

How church history will help you defend the faith

John of Damascus (676-749) is a model for how rich theology fuels Christian evangelism.

Editorial: Proclaiming the Gospel to Islam

“Take Me and My Mother as Gods Apart from God”: Surat Al Maida and the Qur’an’s Understanding of the Trinity

Does the Bible Predict the Coming of Muhammad?

An Inside Look at Insider Ecclesiology: The Jamā ‘at Al-Mu’manīn or “Assembly of the Believers” in the Thought of Mazhar Al-Mallouhi

SBJT Forum

SBJT Forum

Three Christian misconceptions about Muslims

We must view Muslims with charity, refusing to pigeonhole them. We live in a world of stereotypes, but love can overcome what political correctness can’t.

Three Muslim misconceptions about Christians

Many obstacles stand in the way of Muslims coming to faith in Jesus—theological confusion and the cost of conversion being two of the most daunting.

Islam and ethnic identity

If Christians are to understand their Muslim neighbors (locally and globally) and share with them effectively, it is necessary that we grasp how they understand themselves.