Church Planting

Episode 61: How to Stay Positive in Ministry

In this episode, Hershael York talks about ways to stay positive within a ministry role.

Church Plants Need Pastors, Not Entrepreneurs

Credit for the success of any church plant is a zero-sum game.

The top 5 dangers church planters (and their churches) face

Quite simply, we’re all grieved over church planters failing—not at planting, but at living holy lives, and thus faltering at finishing well and honoring Christ above all.

Pastor, is church planting for you?

Our personalities, aptitudes, dispositions, and so forth will shape the how but not the what of our ministries. We are to “fulfill our ministry” regardless of the inner characteristics God knit into the fabric of who we are.

Episode 4: Church planting, prayer, and preaching with John Onwuchekwa

In episode 4 of the Pastor Well podcast, Dr. York sits down with John Onwuchekwa — Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, Georgia — to discuss church planting, prayer, and preaching.

4 dangers in planting churches across ethnic lines

In order to remain a missionary, you must fight against your natural tendency to connect with those who look like you and intentionally develop cross-cultural friendships.

Planting a church is never easy — even when it’s right

There’s never a “good” time to plant. You’ll always find valid, even logical reasons for putting it off.

Do church plants kill sending churches?

My sending church died two years after our launch. What went wrong?

Church planting probably won’t make you famous

If you go into church planting looking for fame or adventure, you probably won’t find either.

8 tasks future church planters need to do today

Unless you plan on planting a church that steals people from other churches, in which case you shouldn’t plant, you need to grow as an evangelist.

Ask a professor: Am I called to plant or revitalize?

Editors’ note: This article begins an occasional series called “Ask a Professor” in which a member of the SBTS faculty will answer practical or theological questions related to preparing for ministry in the local church. If you have a question you’d like to see answered in this series, e-mail our blog editor at ___________________________…

¿Qué debo hacer? ¿Plantar o revitalizar una iglesia?

Brian Croft responde a esa pregunta tan comúnmente discutida en los campus de seminarios pero en un enfoque distinto. Sea que sea la respuesta, sea revitalizar o plantar, Dios nos llama a seguir el modelo Bíblico multi-generacional, multi-étnico, multi-cultural. Available in English here.