What advice would you give to seminary students preparing for ministry? 

One thing I think seminary students need to understand that not everyone can be the best student. Not everyone can be at the top of the curve. Work hard. Study hard. But it’s better to be a “B” student and have a good family and be in the Word and in prayer, than to be an “A” student sliding in your walk with the Lord.

Also, just be comfortable with yourself. Look up to the people you respect, heroes in the faith, but you have to establish your own style, your own personality – especially with preaching.

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What advice can you offer for married pastors and seminary students? 

You have to learn to exegete your wife. Some pastors have wives who might be less organized and who function well with a little bit of chaos. And others may really excel at running a tight ship at home. They love to have people over and are disciplined at that. But it’s a little harder for them for their husbands to be away at meetings and other duties. Sometimes I talk to pastors who say, “How does your wife do that?” And I say, “Well I don’t know, how does your wife do this?” We need to get away from those comparisons. A pastor needs to set his wife free to be who she is and do what she does well. I can’t ask my wife to be anything that Christ isn’t asking her to be.


What is something no one knows about you? 

I am a terrible, picky eater. I eat like a five year old. Seriously. Grilled cheese. Macaroni. Pizza. Gummy bears.


Kevin DeYoung serves as Senior Pastor of University Reformed Church (RCA) in East Lansing, Mich.