One of the great privileges we have at Southern Seminary is the opportunity to hear God’s word proclaimed from some of the top evangelical scholars, pastors, and leaders in our bi-weekly chapel service. Thankfully, you don’t have to be on campus to be a beneficiary of this blessing. Every week during the semester, our chapel services are live streamed and the videos are posted within a few hours. The videos below are the 5 most watched chapel services of the year but are only a few of the dozens available. To watch more, please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

1. God and Country, Crucified: Why It’s Time to Exchange our Civil Religions for a Cross — Russell Moore


2. The Table of the Nations, The Tower of Babel, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb — R. Albert Mohler


3. Heart Work is Hard Work — Curtis Woods


4. Should I Plant or Revitalize a Church? — Brian Croft


5. God is Able to Keep You — H.B. Charles Jr.