Bookstore Event | Panel Discussion on Tom Schreiner’s book “Salvation”

Tom Schreiner, Gregg Allison, and Bruce Ware discuss Schreiner’s latest book.

How Should I Preach the Funeral of a Non-believer?

I know it sounds odd to say that I enjoy funerals more than weddings, but I do, because people are dialed in.

How the Manger Mocks Death

Christ’s treading over death turned the once feared enemy into an object of jeering. As Christ rose from the dead, so every dying believer, in their resurrection, proclaims his overwhelming victory.

Episode 47: Invitations at the End of Sermons

In this episode, Hershael York talks about how to incorporate a gospel invitation into each sermon without manipulating a congregation.

Fred Sanders: A Comparative and Constructive Confession of Union with Christ (Norton Lecture 3/3)

Fred Sanders: Evangel and Epistle on Union with Christ (Norton Lecture 2/3)

Fred Sanders: A Credal and Credible Account of Union With Christ (Norton Lecture 1/3)

Is Jesus the Only Savior?

Of all the people who have lived and ever will live, Jesus alone qualifies, in His person and work, as the only one capable of accomplishing atonement for the sin of the world.

What Does the Atonement Mean for You?

There is no greater news than this: Christ Jesus, as God the Son incarnate, perfectly meets our need before God by his obedient life and substitutionary death.

Paul Anticipates—and Answers—Objections to Election in Romans 9

To say God’s mercy ultimately originates as a response to foreseen faith or mercy is to affirm election does depend on human will and exertion, rather than on God (contrary to v. 16).

Episode 31: Heath Lambert discusses his testimony and the power of grace.

On this special LIVE episode of Pastor Well, Dr. York sits down with Heath Lambert (author, pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL) to discuss his testimony and the power of grace.

Episode 28: Don Whitney discusses the unforgivable sin and encouraging doubting believers

Dr. York sits down with Don Whitney (author, Personal Spiritual Disciplines; associate dean and professor of biblical spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) to discuss the unforgivable sin and encouraging doubting believers

Episode 25: Robby Gallaty discusses his radical salvation and ministry of discipleship

In the season 3 premiere of Pastor Well, Dr. York sits down with Robby Gallaty (senior pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN) to discuss his radical salvation and ministry of discipleship.

If Christians can lose their salvation, we all lose the gospel

Denying the perseverance of the saints has absolutely devastating consequences.

What if the resurrection never happened?

Without Easter Sunday, Good Friday is just another Friday. It is Jesus’s resurrection that secured our resurrection (Col 2:12).

Does God really want everyone to be saved?

There is only one God, and that means there is only one plan of salvation.

Perseverance of the saints demands church discipline

Church discipline can be the mechanism for inspecting the genuineness of conversion.

Author Interview: Donald S. Whitney on “How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?”

Donald S. Whitney discusses his book “How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?” and the satisfying certainty of eternal life