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Reflections on Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

Book Reviews

Theology Forum: Who would be on your theological Mt. Rushmore?

We asked Southern professors, “Excluding biblical characters (so, not Moses, Jesus, or Paul), who would be on your theological Mt. Rushmore?”

Main Course: Tips for Surviving Greek

There are a lot of things that are important to the seminary student — ministry, work, family, and personal spiritual growth. But don’t lose sight of this fact: You are here to study. this series of articles hopes to make that responsibility more manageable.

Leadership in Community

jones and wilder discuss how to lead gently

History Highlight: Basil Manly’s fight for the truth of the Bible

Basil Manly, Jr., one of the four founders of Southern Seminary, is primarily remembered today as the author of three important compositions: the Abstract of Principles, the hymn “Soldiers in Christ, in Truth Arrayed,” and The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration Explained and Vindicated. All three have played important roles in the history of Southern Seminary,…

Three Questions with Matt Papa

We need to remember our propensities, and graciously defer to and learn from others.

Book Reviews November 2018

“The God Who Goes Before You: Pastoral Leadership as Christ-Centered Followership”; “In His Image”; “The Gospel Comes with a House Key”; “Good and Angry: Redeeming Anger, Irritation, Complaining, and Bitterness”; “Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture”

Surprised by Schreiner

one student’s journey across the theological spectrum

Inerrancy preserved

Why we can still trust the Bible, despite manuscript differences

Has the church always believed this?

Three witnesses to the doctrines of inspiration and inerrancy in church history

A Threefold Investment

How one family continues a legacy at Southern Seminary

The leadership influence of Albert Mohler

Photo essay: Albert Mohler in his 25th year

A behind-the-scenes look at R. Albert Mohler Jr. in his 25th year as president of Southern Seminary.

The unseen ministry of Mary Mohler

Southern Seminary’s First Lady has played a crucial — but often behind-the-scenes — role in the school’s past 25 years. Here’s her story.

Life in the post-Christian desert

Two-time Southern Seminary alumnus Nate Millican moved 1,700 miles away from family and friends — all for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Three changes in theological education: Then and now

How James P. Boyce’s vision became a reality.

The strategic growth of Boyce College

Changing a small Bible college into a four-year undergraduate institution was a big risk. But 20 years later, Boyce College has grown exponentially — and its mission is more important than ever.