The Levitical Priesthood

How a Kingdom of Priests Became a Kingdom with Priests and Levites: A Filial-Corporate Understanding of the Royal Priesthood in Exodus 19:6

You Are Priest Forever: Psalm 110 and the Melchizedekian Priesthood of Christ

Drawing Near to God: Spatial Metaphors for Salvation

A Baptist View of the Royal Priesthood of All Believers

Roman Catholic Theology and Practice of the Priesthood Contrasted with Protestant Theology and Practice of the Priesthood

Book Reviews

The Growth of Boyce College

Seminary Track: Equipping the next generation of pastors

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Burk starts by helping students know their Bibles

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At Boyce College, Casey Boss learned how to serve the church by loving others.

Niko Kampouris uses his business degree as a means of devotion

“I wanted to go somewhere where the education was built on a Christian foundation.”

Prepared for the work: How SBTS trained Rogers for pastoral ministry

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Autism is a ministry ‘benefit’ for Japan missionary Steven Kunkel