Editorial: Expectations and Responsibilities for the Church until Jesus Comes

The Missiological Motivation of 1 Peter

Challenges and Encouragements for Evangelism Today

What are the Essentials of a Local Church? Guidelines for Missionary Ecclesiology

The Church’s Mission Constrained by the Covenants: Engaging Christopher Wright’s Conception of the Bible’s Covenantal Structure

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The Dreamer of Dreams: Dreams, Visions, and the Doctrine of Revelation

Ignore Islam, Embrace Ahmed: Modeling the Gospel by Embracing the Culture

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Book Reviews

Editorial: Reflections on Retrieval and the Doing of Theology

Staurology, Ontology, and the Travail of Biblical Narrative: Once More unto the Biblical Theological Breach

Retrieval, Christology, and Sola Scriptura

The Prospects for a “Mere Ecclesiology”

Will the Son Rise on a Fourth Horizon? The Heresy of Contemporaneity within Evangelical Biblicism and the Return of the Hermeneutical Boomerang for Dogmatic Exegesis

A Preliminary Evaluation and Critique of Prosopological Exegesis

Promise, Law, and the Gospel: Reading the Biblical Narrative with Paul

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