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The Growth of Boyce College

Seminary Track: Equipping the next generation of pastors

A conversation with Boyce College student Carey Johnson


A confessional Christian college, 20 years in the making.

Boyce College’s ‘unofficial dad’

The relational ministry of Dave Deklavon

Preaching and teaching the Old Testament with vigor

A short conversation with Dominick Hernández

Denny Burk: Engaging culture in the classroom

Burk starts by helping students know their Bibles

Learning love: How a Boyce student found her ministry calling

At Boyce College, Casey Boss learned how to serve the church by loving others.

Niko Kampouris uses his business degree as a means of devotion

“I wanted to go somewhere where the education was built on a Christian foundation.”

Prepared for the work: How SBTS trained Rogers for pastoral ministry

Blake Rogers took his Boyce ministry preparation straight to the fields of church planting.

Training in curiosity: How a counseling degree became a career in journalism


Autism is a ministry ‘benefit’ for Japan missionary Steven Kunkel


Investing in the next generation as Boyce College parents

Don and MaryAnn Klassen trust Boyce with their daughter’s future

The Providence of Retirement

How Jeff and Peggy Parr are investing in Southern Seminary and Boyce College

What makes a Christian college actually Christian

3 ways you can know an institution is still faithful to the call

Teaching them to observe all I have commanded you

The Christian college and the Great Commission

Editorial: Reflections on Vocation

Living is Christ and Dying is Gain: Paul’s Reimagining of Human Flourishing in Philippians

The Diligence, Justice, and Generosity of the Wise: The Ethic of Work in the Book of Proverbs