Marriage and Family

Episode 19: Christopher Ash on writing, marriage, and advice for young pastors

Dr. York sits down with Christopher Ash (preacher, teacher, writer in residence at Tyndale House) to discuss writing, marriage, and advice for young pastors.

Episode 18: Michael & Seth York on growing up in a pastor’s home

Dr. York sits down with his sons Michael and Seth York to discuss the joys and challenges of growing up as the children of a pastor.

Episode 15: The Mohlers on marriage, ministry, and SBTS

In this LIVE episode of Pastor Well, Hershael York sits down with Dr. & Mrs. R. Albert Mohler to discuss marriage, ministry, and SBTS.

Episode 14: Kevin Ezell on friendship, family, and purity

Hershael York sits down with Kevin Ezell — president of the North American Mission Board — to discuss friendship, family, and purity.

Episode 12: Alistair Begg on preaching, marriage, and long-term ministry

In the LIVE premiere of Pastor Well season 2, Hershael York sits down with Alistair Begg (author, pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, OH, host of Truth for Life) to discuss preaching, marriage, and long-term ministry.

Episode 5: Marriage, family, and ministry with Tanya York

On this week’s episode, Dr. York sits down with his wife, Tanya York. They discuss marriage, family, and ministry.

What does Paul mean when he says “she will saved through childbearing”?

A wife’s fulfillment of her role will be one of the evidences of perseverance in the faith.

What the Bible Says About Leading Difficult People

Annoyance is not an attribute someone can possess; it’s a response we have.

What Charles Spurgeon’s Valentine teaches us all about marriage

On Valentine’s Day, Charles Spurgeon’s marriage is a model for us all.

10 habits to help a pastor stay married and in ministry

The combined stress of marriage and ministry is a unique situation that demands intentionality to keep both a marriage or a ministry from imploding.