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The Who, What, How, and When of 1 Pet 3:19

Who or what are the spirits to whom Jesus preached? What did Jesus preach? What does Peter mean by preaching? How did Jesus preach, and when did Jesus preach?

How to Engage the Culture Like the Earliest Christians

Church History professor Stephen Presley sat down with Jonathan Pennington at the Bookstore at Southern to discuss his recent book Cultural Sanctification: Engaging the World like the Early Church.

Bookstore Event | Flourishing in the Early Church and Today: A Conversation with Stephen Presley

How Pastors Can Glorify Christ, Every Way

Packer’s parting message to the church is a call to action and a profound challenge and responsibility for her shepherds.

How Can a Counselor Glorify Christ in Every Way?

Through the Word exemplified in our lives, and proclaimed through our lips, biblical counselors seek to help counselees be transformed into the image of Jesus.

Glorify Christ in Everything… Including Singing!

Drawing upon the Lord’s good gifts, Christian singing combines glorious truth, passionate melody, and unifying rhythm.

How Can I Treat Church Staff Well?

There are a few things that I’ve learned through the years that have helped me manage, befriend, encourage, and serve the Lord with my staff.

The Importance of Self-Leadership

Leaders must care for the spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, intellectual, and practical dimensions of their lives—not only for their own spiritual and personal flourishing but also for the flourishing of those around them.

How to Handle Church Staff Conflict

A church staff working together in harmony and loving one another for God’s glory is a crucial ingredient to a healthy church.

3 Big Questions on Protestants and Natural Law

Rightly understood, natural law can explain how general and special revelation support one another. But sometimes theologians appeal to natural law at the expense of Scripture.

How Does Biblical Theology Impact Preaching?

When we preach from the scriptures, we need to pay attention to where we are in the biblical story.

So, Seriously, What Is Biblical Theology?

The coherent and progressive nature of biblical revelation will enable readers to trace biblical themes and teachings, to notice development of earlier texts and concepts, and to situate the passage in question within the redemptive-historical arc of Scripture.

Why Covenant Theology Matters for Baptists Today

To defend our views on regenerate membership, congregational polity, and religious liberty, we can look back at our rich tradition and learn from how Baptists in the past articulated these views based upon a distinct covenant theology.

A Tale of Three Muslim Neighbors in Louisville

While I will not use their real names, their stories are real and they will encourage you to love and befriend Muslims around you, and will exhort you to become intentional about sharing Christ with them.

What Can You Do with Your Bible Training?

As I spoke with different missions organizations and investigated further, I discovered the tremendous need for trained, qualified teachers to equip Christians overseas in biblical studies.

5 Preaching Tips from the Puritans

If these points seem obvious, it’s because they became so dominant in Puritanism and many of us are downstream from the tradition.

How Can Your Church Use Easter for Evangelism?

If an unbeliever were to attend a church service, it would most likely be at Christmas or Easter. How can we prepare our churches for an evangelistic harvest this Easter? Let me suggest five ways.

Bookstore Event | Panel Discussion on Tom Schreiner’s book “Salvation”

Tom Schreiner, Gregg Allison, and Bruce Ware discuss Schreiner’s latest book.