Episode 51: Should a Pastor Observe the Billy Graham Rule?

In this episode, Hershael York talks about shepherding women in the congregation by creating appropriate safeguards.

The Importance of Corporate Prayer

Let us pray — both privately and together and as brothers and sisters in the family of God!

5 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

In our fallen world, sin knows no boundaries, sheep bite, wolves creep into churches, and life is hard.

How Important Are Associations for Pastors and Churches?

When I consider many of the pastors in our region today, I see men who have become dear friends and I see brothers who are on the same team. It’s so much harder to walk away from that.

Pastors Should Have Friends within Their Churches

Isolation and loneliness are common struggles for even the most extroverted pastors, and they remind us that those called to shepherd God’s flock need ministry too.

Episode 35: Steve Gaines discusses Adrian Rogers and the SBC presidency.

Dr. York sits down with Steve Gaines (senior pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, TN) to discuss Adrian Rogers and the SBC presidency.

Episode 34: Adam Dooley discusses joyful friendship & preparing for life’s storms.

Dr. York sits down with Adam Dooley (senior pastor, Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN) to discuss joyful friendship & preparing for life’s storms.

Don’t look for community in the church. Be the community.

True community is never found by looking for it. It can only be found by pursuing Christ. He understands loneliness better than we do.