Biblical Worship

Glorify Christ in Everything… Including Singing!

Drawing upon the Lord’s good gifts, Christian singing combines glorious truth, passionate melody, and unifying rhythm.

“Weird Stuff” Might Be Good Stuff in the Local Church

Embracing the ordinary means of grace as a sufficient and comprehensive approach to ministry isn’t merely about coming to the right theological conclusions, it’s a matter of the heart.

How to identify a biblical pattern for worship

Every time believers assemble in God’s name, we participate in a heavenly reality. So, we should order our assemblies by the divine pattern God has given.

4 things to remember when choosing worship music

While everyone has their favorite music, the bride of Christ represents a diversity of age, perspective, and preference.

Let your church hear you sing

Do you love the members of your church enough to minister to them through song?

Essential attributes of an effective worship leader

Leading a task that engages a holy God with such eternal implications should not be handled lightly.

‘The Means of Grace’ — Charles Wesley on spiritual disciplines

Among Protestant practitioners of spiritual disciplines, the Oxford Holy Club developed one of the most famed regimens. The group, initiated by Charles Wesley in 1728 and supported by his brother John, included other luminaries like George Whitefield, John Clayton, and Benjamin Ingham. This society — also dubbed “the Methodists” — encouraged pious acts such as…