R. Albert Mohler Jr.

The ninth president of Southern Seminary, Mohler is a widely sought commentator on evangelical convictions on theology, politics, and cultural issues. In addition to his daily podcast “The Briefing,” Mohler has authored numerous essays and books, including We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking Truth to a Culture Redefining Sex, Marriage, and the Very Meaning of Right and Wrong.

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Fight the Good Fight of Faith: The Christian Ministry Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Charge from the President to the 2024 Boyce College Graduates

Deuteronomy 34

Romans 12:9-21

The House Upon the Rock: So What Can Change? What Can’t Change? Where Do We Stand?

Do You Want to Be Encouraged?

Come see what God is doing at Southern Seminary as the next generation of “soldiers of Christ, in truth arrayed” is readied for deployment. These students are serious, convictional, devotional, and joyful. They know the landscape of the post-modern world and they are determined to preach Christ and lead gospel churches. They match seriousness with sweetness. God is doing something marvelous in this generation and right here at Southern Seminary and Boyce College. Come see it for ourself, pray for us, and thank God for calling out the called in this generation. How kind of God to let us be a part of all this.

To Speak of Him to All Who Were Waiting

The Perils and the Promises of Apologetics

Apologetics Institute Panel

Romans 11:33-12:2

Celebrating 30 Years at Southern Seminary: A Conversation with Dr. and Mrs. Mohler

So, What Is Really at Stake Here? Christian Education as a Matter of Life and Death

Confessional Integrity in a Time of Theological Crisis: The Abstract of Principles Then and Now

From the very beginning, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has been a confessional institution. Every professor must sign our confession of faith, the Abstract of Principles, agreeing to teach “in accordance with and not contrary to all that is contained therein.” This pledge has remained unchanged since 1859, but the history of Southern Seminary is a history with many twists and turns.

The Changing Face of Apologetics in a Secular Age

We live in a society marked by secularization. And when I use that term, I’m talking about the sort of secularism that we’ve only experienced in the wake of the Enlightenment and the advent of modernity; we live in a society where theism has lost its binding authority. I’ve lived long enough to watch it happen, and it still surprises me.

The Work Continues Until the Lord Comes: Patient and Enduring Faithfulness in Christian Ministry

President’s Charge to the 2023 Boyce Graduates

Faculty Testimonies: Tom Schreiner, Kaspars Ozolins and Tyler Flatt

John 9