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Does Revelation teach annihilationism?

What this crucial text in Revelation has to say about hell and eternal punishment

Is it wrong to preach for conversions?

As long as there are persons who have yet to embrace the gospel, there is a need for preaching — and not just any preaching. What is needed is gospel-centered preaching that boldly appeals to lost men and women to turn to Jesus Christ.

Author Interview: R. Albert Mohler Jr. on “Acts 13-28 For You”

R. Albert Mohler Jr. discusses his newest book “Acts 13-28 For You” on mapping the explosive multiplying of the church

So, you joined the wrong church

The more we hold ourselves to our covenant promises, the more our relationships grow.

What should we make of Rahab’s lie?

Was is sinful for Rahab to lie? Did she actually lie at all?

How to talk to your people about natural disasters

Jesus took the opportunity to use a human atrocity and a natural disaster to preach both the danger of life in a fallen world and also the need to repent.

How Andrew Fuller demonstrated biblical fatherhood

Although it is a rarely explored subject in Andrew Fuller studies, the famous Baptist was an exemplary father.

The Bible is the story of us

The Bible is a beautiful, unique text, and its story informs ours.

5 reasons it’s good for your church to grow slowly

Many of us want a big church. But sometimes, God has other plans.

What would Spurgeon tweet?

4 tips from the famous preacher on handling controversy.

Does God really want everyone to be saved?

There is only one God, and that means there is only one plan of salvation.

Begin with the end in mind: Three considerations for the new school year

Southern Seminary is not the end of the road, but the starting point. Here are three things to remember about post-seminary life.

Should we try to preach like Jesus?

Just as the work of redemption belonged to Jesus alone, so elements of his preaching can only be reflected in ours.

Here’s why baptism should precede church membership

Baptists believe that those who have not been immersed in water as believers to symbolize their union with Christ by faith have not been baptized. Here’s why.

Did Moses write his own obituary?

To suggest that an author other than Moses wrote Deuteronomy 34 by no means undermines Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch or the inspiration of Scripture.

An Overture for New (and Returning) Seminarians

The fulfillment of your calling is not just a future possibility. The fulfillment of your calling to ministry is something you are responsible to pursue and demonstrate in the here and now.

Perseverance of the saints demands church discipline

Church discipline can be the mechanism for inspecting the genuineness of conversion.

What your elders wish you knew, but are reluctant to tell you

The joy of serving as an undershepherd of the Chief Shepherd is all the greater when shared with other called and qualified men.