What Does the Bible Say about Itself and Why Is That So Important?

Either he speaks, or we guess.

Do We Really Get Rewards in Heaven?

Jesus never contrasts different amounts of heavenly rewards for those who inherit God’s kingdom.

New Book: Be Slow to Talk and Slow to Tweet

It’s always a good time for a new book on our communications struggles and how Christ empowers us to overcome them.

Church Plants Need Pastors, Not Entrepreneurs

Credit for the success of any church plant is a zero-sum game.

Churches Should Not Only Go, They Should Stay

Missionaries need more than sending churches. They need a host of staying churches who will remain spiritual mothers in the days, months, and years ahead.

Faithful Christian Service Lines Up with Faithful Christology

Jesus calls us to delight in the mundane for his glory and to reflect his heart to serve. How does service reorder our lives?

How should a pastor pray when he’s struggling in ministry?

If you pastor for long, you’re going to doubt your calling. Don’t waste this opportunity for maturity. Let it drive you to your knees.

Spurgeon Broke with His Puritan Heroes on Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is a time to feast—to remember the great gift of God’s Son, to display concern for the poor, and to rejoice in the Lord.

William Carey’s Ministry a Story of Desire, Opportunity, and Gifting

Carey desired to see the nations reached with the gospel. His gifts were clear from an early age, and his opportunity came in time.

How Should I Preach Chiasms?

As you grow in your appreciation for the beauty of the Scriptures, may your preaching reflect the glory of God, to the praise of his great name among his people.

10 Questions to Ask at Thanksgiving

Here are some questions designed to spark not only conversation, but also dialogue relevant to the season.

What must an elder be if he is “apt to teach”?

If we’re honest, every Christian would rather have a faithful preacher who occasionally mumbles words and gets lost in his notes than a shallow, captivating one.

6 Ways Confessions of Faith Promote Church Health

How should a local church use their confession of faith? Here are six ways a church might use a confession of faith.

Am I Preaching Moralism When I Preach Character Sketches from the OT?

In nearly 30 years of preaching through the Old Testament regularly, I’ve enjoyed helping God’s people see that he teaches some of his greatest truths through biography.

Augustine’s testimony demonstrates the grace of emptiness

In the end, only God himself is true happiness, beauty, and delight.

SBTS alum’s new book addresses “discipleship disease” in local churches

We have a discipleship disease in the local church. We have adopted a philosophy of ministry that sees discipleship inside the local church as optional, not necessary.

The top 5 dangers church planters (and their churches) face

Quite simply, we’re all grieved over church planters failing—not at planting, but at living holy lives, and thus faltering at finishing well and honoring Christ above all.

Your vote matters more (and less) than you think

None of us know what to expect as Election Day finally arrives. But we do know what God has called us to be about.