Heroism, Valor, and the Moral Argument for God

The heroism and valor we see in those serving COVID-19 victims isn’t illusory. The moral response to encountering heroism and valor testifies to the reality of these virtues, grounded ultimately in God.

Evangelism in a Time of Social Distancing

The risk worth taking is not one that endangers someone’s physical wellbeing by violating the spatial separation we must maintain. The risk worth taking is one that is bold enough to confront the spiritual and eternal danger others are already in.

7 ways theology drives us to worship

To perceive God’s eternal power and divine nature and not respond with worship is to sinfully proclaim that God is unworthy — and nothing could be further from the truth.

Why every preacher should know John Broadus

Broadus’ “soul was on fire with the truth which he trusted had saved him and he hoped would save others”

What Christians can learn about ethics from COVID-19

Do we sacrifice the economy to save human lives or do we sacrifice human lives to save the economy?

8 things you need to know about counseling

Everyone is called to personal ministry of the Word. An essential element of every calling is to know people and to help them process their lives before the Lord. 

Should a pastor try to reunite a split church?

Christians, old and young, diverse in many different ways can be united around a love for Christ and a love for each other.

On pastoring, coronavirus, and self-isolation

May we preach “as loudly and as effectually” in isolation, as we ever did when not.

These 7 things are true for every pastor

If you are going to pastor the Lord’s church and walk through life with his people, you had better be certain that he told you to do it.

Battling panic in the age of coronavirus

Will we trust in Christ or will we get swept away by panic?

4 Ministry Lessons I Learned as a Car Salesman

I stepped into car sales out of necessity, to put food on the table. Little did I know God would use this wilderness journey to teach me how to pastor.

10 reasons every pastor should care about missions

Billions of people are being born, living their entire lives, and dying without ever hearing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This reality cannot be tolerable.

Here’s why the Bible calls men to “act like men”

In 1 Corinthians 16:13, the Apostle Paul has clearly chosen to associate courage with masculinity.

Every religion claims to be historical (but only Christianity is)

Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism make historical claims, but none are as reliable as Christianity.

9 truths you need for better evangelism

Depend on the Holy Spirit to empower you and to convict the lost person. Remember your role and God’s role.

2 things to know about AI and the church

We must navigate this age of AI with grace, wisdom, and a deep confidence in God as the creator of all thing, including us as his image bearers.

4 things you need to be a more faithful preacher

A preacher of the gospel must have a pastor’s heart.

5 things you need for better apologetics

Apologetics is the reverent, reasonable, and humble defense — through our words and through our lives — of the hope we have in the risen Christ.