Can I preach from an iPad? Five things to consider

Minister that word and do not rely much at all on the “mechanics” of what you read from.

If Christians can lose their salvation, we all lose the gospel

Denying the perseverance of the saints has absolutely devastating consequences.

5 challenges for missionaries (and why they’re worth it)

A missionary’s only hope is found in Christ and in his providential and sovereign work in the world.

COVID-19, regathering, and dying to self

We have catered to our congregations for so long without calling followers of Christ to die to their own preferences for the sake of others.

How to (not) be a humble leader

When church leaders begin to rely on their own abilities, arrogance builds, especially when the church grows.

Meeting again after COVID-19: one church’s plan

Our aim is to make sure all feel safe and comfortable to return. This will differ from church to church and situation to situation.

Teach your kids a catechism. Here’s why.

I want to call my Baptist brothers and sisters to recover this time-honored method of teaching children (and adults) biblical doctrine.

4 lessons on fellowship from Bonhoeffer and COVID-19

While Bonhoeffer’s context of persecution is far removed from our context of social distancing and self-isolation, our inability to gather provides us with a fresh lens to consider his words.

5 more ways to improve sermon preparation this week

Brothers, make some intentional plans today to improve your sermon preparation.

5 real ways to improve sermon preparation this week

Much of our improvement in preaching will come by improving our preparation.

4 things every pastor needs to know about doubt

May we speak slowly and listen carefully, so that many souls be preserved by churches who abide by patient peacemaking.

4 practical steps to stop saying “Um” while preaching

It is amazing the progress we can make over our unnecessary speech fillers once we own them and begin to focus on working ourselves out of them.

Why our Sundays should center on sermons

Preaching is the overwhelming witness of Scripture as the means of communicating the words of God.

5 reasons pastors need the Psalms

As a Christian, I love the Psalms. As an academic, I study them. But as a pastor, I need them.

What if the resurrection never happened?

Without Easter Sunday, Good Friday is just another Friday. It is Jesus’s resurrection that secured our resurrection (Col 2:12).

The resurrection really happened: textual criticism and Easter

The Bible’s authentic textual history won’t be confirmed by sensational discoveries. It will be confirmed by patient study and analysis of the evidence.

9 doctrines you need to know today

You can trust everything the Bible says about the Christian life. But these nine are among those the Bible emphasizes most often.

Even with online worship, the regulative principle is a solid guide

How should we make decisions about worship, ordinances, and livestreams when our churches are unable to gather in person?