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Southern Seminary

Book Reviews (Summer 2008)

SBJT 15.2: Global Christianity (Complete)

SBJT 14.4: Puritanism (Complete)

SBJT 14.1: Understanding and Applying Eschatology (Complete)

SBJT 13.4: John Calvin at 500 Years (Complete)

SBJT 13.3: Parables in the Gospel of Matthew (Complete)

SBJT 13.2: Theological Anthropology (Complete)

Book Reviews (Summer 2009)

SBJT 13.1: Celebrating 150 Years at Southern Seminary (Complete)

James Petigru Boyce: For Christ and His Church

“Soldiers of Christ, in Truth Arrayed”: The Ministry and Piety of Basil Manly Jr. (1825-1892)

“We Cannot Sit in Judgment”: William Whitsitt and the Future of the Seminary

SBJT 12.4: Exploring Biblical Theology (Complete)

SBJT 19.2: Theology and Economics (Complete)

Table of Contents (Summer 2015)

Stephen J. Wellum                                                                                   5 Editorial: Living All of Life to God’s Glory R. Albert Mohler, Jr.                                                                                9 Economics and the Christian Worldview: 12 Theses David Kotter                                                                                             17 Greed vs. Self-Interest: A Case Study of How Economists Can Help Theologians Serve the Church Mark Coppenger                                                                                     49 Stewardship of the Wetlands below…

Book Reviews (Summer 2015)

Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation. By Matthew Levering. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2014. 363+xi pages. $44.99. Hardback. One of the biggest divides between Roman Catholics and Protestants continues to be the authority of the Church and Scripture. Roman Catholics tend to have a high view of both sources of authority, allowing for each to construct doctrine.…

SBJT 19.1: Christology (Complete)

Table of Contents (Spring 2015)