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How to have a rich seminary journey

 **This article was originally posted in March of this year. If seminarians will learn the habit of thinking about God’s truth as a means of enjoying him, then they will not waste their theological education, said John Piper during a special, pre-convocation chapel service, Jan. 23, at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. “[tweetable]God gave you…

Table of Contents (Spring 2014)

Reflections on Persecution Editorial: Stephen J. Wellum 3 Thinking about the New Covenant and Persecution: Gregory C. Cochran 7 Christian Persecution as Explained by Jesus (Matthew 5:10-12): Gregory C. Cochran 33 What Kind of Persecution is Happening to Christians Around the World?: Paul Hartog 49 The Maltreatment of Early Christians: Refinement and Response: G. Stephen Weaver, Jr. 81 “Patiently…

Book Reviews (Spring 2014)

Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction. By Michael F. Bird. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2013, 912 pp., $49.99. Writing a systematic theology has to be among the more difficult scholarly tasks. The breadth of disciplinary competence needed is staggering. Add to that, especially in the case of a single volume text, the need to condense,…

Book Reviews (Summer 2010)

The preachers responsibility: frame a biblical understanding of the Christian life

  [tweetable]Preaching — the practice of expositing God’s Word to God’s people — has fallen on hard times.[/tweetable] On the one hand, the large number of evangelical pastors I know who remain committed to faithful biblical exposition greatly encourages me. These men know the purpose and the power of preaching God’s Word. On the other…

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Book Reviews (Fall 2013)

The long and winding road: collected wisdom on maturing in seminary

  A couple weeks ago, four pastors from the Louisville, Ky., area held a public conversation about seminary students and church membership. Sitting on the panel were Timothy J. Beougher, senior pastor of West Broadway Baptist Church and Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth; Ryan Fullerton, the lead pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church;…

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Book Reviews (Summer 2013)

A time to be resolute in the face of challenges

Since 1880, most United States presidents have sat behind a desk made from timbers of the HMS Resolute. That British naval vessel journeyed to locate the explorer Sir John Franklin, but became trapped in ice near the Arctic Circle in 1853. An American whaler found the ship adrift just two years later and returned it…

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Book Reviews (Spring 2013)

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Book Reviews (Summer 2012)

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