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Book Reviews (Summer 2009)

SBJT 13.1: Celebrating 150 Years at Southern Seminary (Complete)

Mission, Transmission, and Confession: Three Central Issues in Theological Education

James Petigru Boyce: For Christ and His Church

“Soldiers of Christ, in Truth Arrayed”: The Ministry and Piety of Basil Manly Jr. (1825-1892)

“We Cannot Sit in Judgment”: William Whitsitt and the Future of the Seminary

A Review of James H. Slatton’s W. H. Whitsitt: The Man and the Controversy

The Spring 2009 SBJT Forum

SBJT 12.4: Exploring Biblical Theology (Complete)

Lecture 2: Biblical Theology in the Seminary and Bible College

Lecture 3: Biblical Theology in the Local Church and the Home

Was Joseph a Type of the Messiah? Tracing the Typological Identification between Joseph, David, and Jesus

The Practice and Promise of Biblical Theology: A Response to Hamilton and Goldsworthy

Story-Lines of Scripture and Footsteps in the Sea

Southern Seminary Magazine | Fall 2015

Fall 2015

SBJT 19.2: Theology and Economics (Complete)

Table of Contents (Summer 2015)

Stephen J. Wellum                                                                                   5 Editorial: Living All of Life to God’s Glory R. Albert Mohler, Jr.                                                                                9 Economics and the Christian Worldview: 12 Theses David Kotter                                                                                             17 Greed vs. Self-Interest: A Case Study of How Economists Can Help Theologians Serve the Church Mark Coppenger                                                                                     49 Stewardship of the Wetlands below…

Editorial: Living All of Life to God’s Glory

At Southern Seminary, over the last couple of years, we have been enjoying the work and ministry of the Commonweal Project as it has been hosting conferences, bringing in various guest speakers from all over the country, and offering a number of lectures from Southern Seminary’s own faculty. If you are not familiar with the…