Why did you decide the Seminary Track was right for you?

Choosing the Seminary Track was one of the easiest decisions of my life. I originally was discouraged because I felt called to go to seminary but had no earthly idea what to do for my undergrad. Along with that, I did not want to be in school for seven years. When I heard about the seminary track during a visit, I knew God was answering my prayers and providing a way to equip me thoroughly for ministry.

How are your classes preparing you to minister the gospel in an always-changing world?

Every class I have taken had Christ as the center focus. Whether it’s New Testament Survey II with Dr. Schreiner at the Seminary or Hebrew or Ancient Near Eastern History with Dr. Howell, they are teaching us that in our ministries Christ is the goal. They provide foundational teaching that firmly establishes their students’ faith on the only constant reality, namely the immutable, triune God we serve.

What professors have you developed unique relationships with during your time here?

Two professors in particular have poured into me outside of the classroom. Dr. Howell has allowed me to spend quite a few of his office hours to ask for wisdom, to speak of my doubts, to confess sin, and to talk about everything but Hebrew studies. This has been a huge encouragement and a blessing. The other, Professor Kleiser, taught my philosophy class first semester. I was amazed by his love for God and his selfless service to his family. God has used him as a brother in Christ to point me towards the truth, and even going out of his way to bring me Joella’s Hot Chicken while I was at work one Saturday. These men I look up to are more than professors, they are friends and brothers in Christ.

In your experience, what has been the biggest advantage of the Seminary Track?

The biggest advantage of the seminary track is being able to experience both faculties from Boyce and from Southern. I have come to understand that I will not be able to perfectly remember every paradigm, Hebrew box, or theological Latin title, but I will remember the godly men who have given their whole lives to pouring out all they have learned. Both schools are dense with the highest caliber of scholars, and both desire nothing more than to see Christians grow. I’ve enjoyed talking with the professors inside and outside of class.