R. Albert Mohler Jr. preaches from Romans 3:21-26 at All Saints’ Church (Schlosskirche) in Wittenberg, Germany.

R. Albert Mohler Jr. has preached through the Book of Romans before. But not like this.

“One of the most moving and humbling experiences of my life as a preacher was to preach from the high pulpit of the Schlosskirche in the high church in Wittenberg,” Mohler said. “Knowing all that this church and this town have meant to the Protestant faith, to the gospel, for the preaching of Scripture—and, to say the least, to preach with Martin Luther buried at my feet.”

Mohler, who is president of Southern Seminary, was in the middle of leading a group from Southern Seminary and Ligonier on a tour of notable sites from the Reformation, when he preached Romans 3:21-26 in the city that, as the saying goes, started it all.

Here’s a look at highlights from the recent Elbe River and Land of Luther tours:

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Castle church door with Luther’s 95 Theses replicated in bronze; Knights Hall at the Wartburg Castle — the castle is where Luther was held in protective custody in the castle. He translated the entire New Testament into the German while in prison; Church of St. Mary of the Snow, Prague;


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Pulpit in Meissen Cathedral in Meissen, Germany, featuring 2 Timothy 4:2—a text central to the Reformers’ emphasis on preaching the Bible; and a cell in the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt, Germany, where Martin Luther became a monk.


Memorial to Jan Hus and the Reformation;


Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt

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Left: Dresden Cathedral, famous statue of Luther in Fraukerke
Middle: Bethlehem Chapel in Prague, Czech Republic, connected to Czech reformer, Jan Hus.
Right: St. Peter and Paul Church in Eisleben, Germany, where Luther was baptized in 1483.


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The Charles Bridge in Prague, was built around the 1300s, and connects the Old Town to the castle.