Volume 15, Issue 09

May 2017

Why read aloud?

strategies for reading to your children

Friends Now and Hereafter: The Ghost Story of A.T. Robertson

John Sampey received a mysterious letter with a message from his late friend and colleague A.T. Robertson. Problem was, Robertson had been dead for three years.

Monks, meditation, and Matthew

A Vietnamese student’s road to faith

How fiction can enrich your spiritual imagination

Don’t just start scrolling through your Netflix queue immediately after taking your last final exam. Set the TV remote aside for a minute and crack open a novel first. You might be surprised where it takes you.

3 Questions with James K.A. Smith

James K.A. Smith Professor of philosophy at Calvin College What would you call the primary shortcoming in Christian academic engagement? In a lot of what passes for the Christian “academy,” I think we are still too ensconced in echo chambers and not really exposing ourselves to the real academic challenges and cross-pressures of the day.…

Feature review: Invitation to Biblical Hebrew

Invitation to Biblical Hebrew: An Intermediate Grammar by Russell T. Fuller (Kregel Publications 2017, $64.99) Regardless of the method you choose, learning Biblical Hebrew is hard. A massive amount of memorization, diligence, and patience are required to learn it well, and the student is exposed to a extremely foreign language system. While Greek has letters…

Book Reviews: ‘This is Our Time’;‘Assisted Suicide’;‘The Son of God’;‘Grace Alone’

This is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel by Trevin Wax (B&H Books 2017, $16.99) Review by S. Craig Sanders At 35, SBTS alumnus Trevin Wax is one of the earliest millennials, at the edge of the divide with Generation X. But in his new book This is Our Time, Wax confronts…

Building the ‘ground floor’: Fuller discusses new Hebrew Grammar

Russell T. Fuller, professor of Old Testament interpretation, discusses his new intermediate grammar for Biblical Hebrew