Volume 16, Issue 06

February 2018

10 things you probably didn’t have time for during your first semester — and still need to do

With your class schedule in place, resolve to try something different this semester. This list will give you a place to start.

Get to know the new communications VP

Kody Gibson’s path to academic administration.

SBTS Missions Heritage Stretches to its Earliest Days

history highlight

Feature review: Teaching the World

Teaching the World: Foundations for Online Theological Education by John Cartwright, Gabriel Etzel, Christopher Jackson, and Timothy Paul Jones (Baker Academic 2017, $19.99) Review by RuthAnne Irvin Humans interact with more technology today than ever before. Most traditional forms of education, media, and communication shifted with technological advances, that brought both advantages and prospective challenges.…

Book and Music Reviews: ‘Jesus the Messiah’; ‘Uncomfortable’; ‘Prayers of the Saints’

Jesus the Messiah: A Survey of the Life of Christ by Robert H. Stein (IVP Academic, 2017, $27) Review by Andrew J.W. Smith From a former Southern Seminary New Testament and hermeneutics professor comes this new paperback version of his 1996 survey of the life of Jesus Christ, Jesus the Messiah. Robert H. Stein, currently…

3 Questions with Travis Cottrell

Travis Cottrell Contemporary Christian music artist and worship leader What hymn has most influenced you both personally and in ministry? This is too hard of a question! Different hymns have come to mean different things to me in various seasons of life. Looking back, one that constantly pops back up as being important to me…