Church Revitalization

Episode 61: How to Stay Positive in Ministry

In this episode, Hershael York talks about ways to stay positive within a ministry role.

Episode 55: What Does a Successful Church Look like

In this episode, Hershael York discusses the purpose and importance of a church body.

10 Ways Pastors Can Foster a Love for Church Attendance within the Congregation

It requires patience to lead a congregation to see itself as body, family, temple, and bride—not an optional religious organization to make them feel better about themselves.

Are You a Church Revitalizer?

Discerning God’s call is often a difficult, and prayer-filled, endeavor.

3 questions pastors should ask before they fight for change in their church

In ministry, you’ll need to choose your battles wisely. Here’s how.

2 pleas to perseverance in revitalization

The trials associated with pastoral ministry are not new and you’re not alone.

3 ways to revitalize the revitalizer

It is not just the sheep that need biblical community and accountability.

4 vital questions to ask during a revitalization process

Revitalization demands that we learn how to live with the tension between the way things are and the way God wants them to be.

3 steps to revitalizing your home

Managing your own kids is vital because the way you manage your kids is the way you’ll manage God’s children.

Pastor in progress: Four marks of a faithful servant

If you find that you are not a perfect pastor, do not be surprised or dismayed. Recalibrate your expectations and be grateful for the progress God is making in your own heart and soul.

5 surprising lessons from revitalizing a dying congregation

Church revitalization is hard work, and many of the lessons I’ve learned have been not just unexpected, but difficult and painful.

Reflections on 15 years of revitalization at my church

The first five years were brutal. There were three different movements to get me fired. In the midst of all the hostility and adversity, God was still building his church.

Spiritual Fathering

It seems as if everyone is talking about pastoral mentorship these days. Not a week goes by that I don’t receive something in the mail at my office that reminds me of the importance of training younger men in pastoral ministry—a task that I embrace and seek to practice wholeheartedly. But most of the material…

Aiming at a Christ-Shaped Church

The aim of change for any declining local church is revival, growth, and maturity in Christlike love for God and His people. As a pastor, nothing gives me greater joy than to see God’s people being renewed in their desire to know God intimately, to praise Him passionately, and to love His people without hypocrisy.…

Healthy Church Structure for Church Revitalization

The necessity of healthy church structure has been a challenge from the time that the church began. It is not a new dilemma. Acts 2 describes how the first church developed a basic structure for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. As the church grew and additional challenges surfaced, the leaders added structure to take care…

Becoming an effective Church Revitalizer

One of the frequent questions asked of me regarding church revitalization is, “What are the requirements for being effective in church revitalization?” Mark Clifton, in his book Reclaiming Glory: Revitalizing Dying Churches, has done an excellent job in outlining the characteristics necessary for a church revitalizer. I do not want to just repeat his thoughts,…

Church Revitalization begins with Personal Revitalization

And as we identify critical issues we must apply biblical wisdom to address them. But, before we begin with the corporate we should begin with ourselves – with our own hearts.

Hope for the Discouraged Shepherd

Whether you are revitalizing a church in critical condition, planting a new church, or shepherding a flock in stable condition, you will experience the weight of the cross.