7 reasons you need church history

Wisdom from the past should be warmly embraced by Christians today.

God isn’t fair (and that’s a good thing)

What you and I need now more than ever is not fairness but forgiveness.

10 doctrines you need today (and every day)

If people believe false ideas, inevitably they act on them in disastrous ways. Theology matters.

What is common grace (and why should we care?)

Learning about common grace is important to understand how God works in his world. 

6 life-giving truths from the New Testament

The New Testament writers never imagined a passive faith that could be sundered from a life of discipleship.

7 ways theology can change your Bible reading

Understanding the Bible as a unified redemptive story dramatically changes the way we approach it.

How much doctrine does one have to know to be saved?

Asking about the minimal level of doctrinal knowledge a Christian must have is dangerous if one is trying to get out of believing the whole Bible. But if it is asked humbly, the answer is a sweet reminder that, as the old adage goes, the gospel is shallow enough for a child to wade in and deep enough for an adult to swim in.

Biblical narrative is ambiguous (and why that’s a good thing)

The next time you get frustrated with those biblical authors for making their stories so hard to understand, remember: God did it for a reason.

Episode 11: D. A. Carson on seminary, theology, and The Gospel Coalition

In the Season 1 finale episode of the Pastor Well Podcast, Dr. York sits down with D.A. Carson to discuss seminary, theology, and The Gospel Coalition.

Episode 6: Preaching, theology, and writing with Thomas Schreiner

Dr. York sits down with Dr. Thomas Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Professor of Biblical Theology and Associate Dean of the School of Theology, to discuss preaching, theology, and writing.

Why was Jesus baptized?

Baptism wasn’t just something Jesus commanded his followers to do, but an experience he also underwent.

Why do we need sound doctrine?

How do we produce mature believers? Sound doctrine.

Two big reasons the Trinity matters

To know God savingly is to know him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Anything less is not Christian.