Pastoral Ministry

Hang in there pastor, change comes slowly

It’s tempting to think God, who created all things so quickly, might lead us through tribulation with greater haste. But he doesn’t. God tends to work slowly, then and now.

10 reasons your church members are so ornery amid the pandemic

If you sense your church members are getting a bit ornery, you are probably right. Indeed, you as a church leader may be struggling with some of these same issues.

Episode 33: Clint Pressley discusses preaching and pastoring in North Carolina.

Dr. York sits down with Clint Pressley (senior pastor, Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC) to discuss preaching and pastoring in North Carolina.

Pastor, teach your church theological triage

Pastor, help your people see when it’s time to go to war and when it’s time for diplomacy.

Six things you inherit when you pastor an established church

Considerate pastors understand what they are inheriting before people stop introducing them as the “new pastor.”

3 reasons every pastor needs a day off

One of the best decisions I have ever made for the benefit of my family and ministry has been to commit to a day off every week.

Episode 26: Ronnie Floyd discusses COVID-19 & the SBC

Dr. York sits down with Ronnie Floyd (former pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas, president & CEO of the SBC Executive Committee) to discuss COVID-19 & the SBC

4 lessons on fellowship from Bonhoeffer and COVID-19

While Bonhoeffer’s context of persecution is far removed from our context of social distancing and self-isolation, our inability to gather provides us with a fresh lens to consider his words.

5 real ways to improve sermon preparation this week

Much of our improvement in preaching will come by improving our preparation.

4 things every pastor needs to know about doubt

May we speak slowly and listen carefully, so that many souls be preserved by churches who abide by patient peacemaking.

Why our Sundays should center on sermons

Preaching is the overwhelming witness of Scripture as the means of communicating the words of God.

5 reasons pastors need the Psalms

As a Christian, I love the Psalms. As an academic, I study them. But as a pastor, I need them.

Even with online worship, the regulative principle is a solid guide

How should we make decisions about worship, ordinances, and livestreams when our churches are unable to gather in person?

Should a pastor try to reunite a split church?

Christians, old and young, diverse in many different ways can be united around a love for Christ and a love for each other.

On pastoring, coronavirus, and self-isolation

May we preach “as loudly and as effectually” in isolation, as we ever did when not.

These 7 things are true for every pastor

If you are going to pastor the Lord’s church and walk through life with his people, you had better be certain that he told you to do it.

4 Ministry Lessons I Learned as a Car Salesman

I stepped into car sales out of necessity, to put food on the table. Little did I know God would use this wilderness journey to teach me how to pastor.

4 things a pastor needs right after preaching

One of the most dangerous times for a pastor are the hours following his Sunday sermon.