Bringing Light to Darkness: How the Jenkins Center Equips Christians to Love Their Muslim Neighbors

Since its founding, the Jenkins Center has provided and produced resources to help Christians boldly, respectfully, and relevantly proclaim the gospel to Muslims.

What Can You Do with Your Bible Training?

As I spoke with different missions organizations and investigated further, I discovered the tremendous need for trained, qualified teachers to equip Christians overseas in biblical studies.

How Can Your Church Use Easter for Evangelism?

If an unbeliever were to attend a church service, it would most likely be at Christmas or Easter. How can we prepare our churches for an evangelistic harvest this Easter? Let me suggest five ways.

Using the Jesus Method to Witness to Your Muslim Neighbor

During Jesus’s earthly ministry, he asked brilliant questions. Whenever Jesus asks a question, he makes a point or moves the discussion to another level.

Pastor, Don’t Forget to Add Personal Evangelism to Your Crazy Schedule

I have never seen a church with a culture of evangelism who didn’t also have a pastor passionately and actively engaged in evangelism.

Episode 44: How to be a Missions-Minded Church

In this episode, Hershael York walks through how to be a church that cares for missionaries, and how to be mindful of those working in the field through giving and mission trips.

5 Glorious Lessons in Evangelism from a Pastor Named Ichabod

Though his ministry took place in a distant place and time, Ichabod Spencer has helped me profoundly as both a pastor and an evangelist.

Does the Great Commission Require Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is part of Christ’s marching orders for every local church.

Is Jesus the Only Savior?

Of all the people who have lived and ever will live, Jesus alone qualifies, in His person and work, as the only one capable of accomplishing atonement for the sin of the world.

Keep the Main Thing in View: New Book Helps Us Share the Gospel with Compassion and Conviction

Every solid book on evangelism is a welcomed addition to the table, but Invitation is particularly helpful because it provides both theory and practice.

Author Interviews – Timothy Beougher “Invitation to Evangelism”

A conversation with Timothy Beougher about his new book, “Invitation To Evangelism: Sharing The Gospel With Conviction And Compassion”

How church history will help you defend the faith

John of Damascus (676-749) is a model for how rich theology fuels Christian evangelism.

Episode 26: Ronnie Floyd discusses COVID-19 & the SBC

Dr. York sits down with Ronnie Floyd (former pastor of Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas, president & CEO of the SBC Executive Committee) to discuss COVID-19 & the SBC

Evangelism in a Time of Social Distancing

The risk worth taking is not one that endangers someone’s physical wellbeing by violating the spatial separation we must maintain. The risk worth taking is one that is bold enough to confront the spiritual and eternal danger others are already in.

9 truths you need for better evangelism

Depend on the Holy Spirit to empower you and to convict the lost person. Remember your role and God’s role.

Episode 17: Nathan Lino on evangelism & mercy ministry

Dr. York sits down with Nathan Lino (founder and senior pastor of Northeast Houston Baptist Church in Houston, TX) to discuss evangelism & mercy ministry.

Generic Jesus can’t do anything for helpless sinners

How do we reach people who identify as Christians, but aren’t?