Same-Sex Marriage and Christian Higher Education

The moral revolution threatening religious liberty presents serious challenges to the future of religious schools.

The Bible is clear: abortion is murder and needs to be stopped

Not only must Planned Parenthood be stopped, but all the murder of unborn human persons must also be stopped.

When should pastors speak about cultural issues?

If Christian morality is universally true, then all persons are accountable to it.

How to care about social justice (without losing the gospel)

We need to stop pretending that Jesus does not call his churches to act on behalf of the poor, the sojourner, the fatherless, the vulnerable, the hungry, the sex-trafficked, the unborn.

Resolute in a Gender-Confused Culture

Our society is confused about gender and sexuality because it has forgotten what it means to be created in the image of God as male and female.

Why “love your neighbor” requires more than preaching the gospel

Evangelicals tend to only follow the spiritual aspect of Jesus’s mission, but this falls short of obeying the Lord’s command.