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Stephen J. Wellum
Professor of Christian Theology

Stephen J. Wellum is professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and editor of The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology.

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Can women be pastors or deacons?

Are people ultimately good or bad?

Can a Christian be demon possessed?

We wrestle against the demonic, but the church overcomes Satan by the blood of Christ.

Are there different degrees of eternal rewards and punishment?

Our great reward is Christ himself. All believers receive this salvation.

Does prayer actually change God’s mind?

Scripture teaches that God knows all things and plans all things and that our prayers change things.

Editorial: Learning with Peter to “Stand Firm in God’s Grace”

Simon Peter is perhaps one of the most attractive of all the people and writers of the NT. He is a predominate individual in the Gospels and the early part of Acts, as an apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like his brother Andrew, Simon was a fisherman before he was called to follow Christ.…

Is there an age of accountability?

Are children responsible for their sins?

Are the Five Solas Biblical?

Since the solas are true to Scripture, all Christians in every generation ought to remember, embrace, and proclaim them

Editorial: Our Glorious Triune God

We must never grow tired of gaining greater precision and clarity in our theological thinking, especially when it is about the God who has created and redeemed us.

Editorial: Thinking about Typology

Typology allows us to know God’s Word better and to see how all of Scripture relates to Christ, and how, we, as God’s people, are the beneficiaries of all of God’s promises in Christ.

If Jesus already died for my sins, why do I need to pray for forgiveness every time I sin?

Editorial: Learning from John Owen

Why should we study people from the past, especially the distant past? Why not merely focus on current issues that the church faces, for after all, what do people from a previous era have to teach us today? Two responses can be given to these questions, one from Scripture and the second from experience. First,…

Can I cast lots to make decisions?

Are all sins equal?

Why the Great Commission isn’t just for missionaries

As the victorious and triumphant Lord, Christ sends his people out into the world. It is under the marching orders of King Jesus that we, as his ambassadors, take the gospel to the nations.