Phil Newton

Phil A. Newton planted and has served as pastor of South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, since 1987. Phil and his wife, Karen, have five children and six grandchildren. He is the author of several books including Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals with Brian Croft (Zondervan), Elders in the Life of the Church with Matt Schmucker (Kregel), and most recently, The Mentoring Church: How Pastors and Congregations Cultivate Leaders (Kregel).

The 8 Stages of a Long-Term Pastoral Ministry

One day every shepherd will give an accounting to the Chief Shepherd. May we be able to offer a good report from every stage.

Opposition Is Coming, Pastor. How Will You Handle It?

The Holy Spirit works through the preaching of the Word to accomplish far more than a pastor will ever know, even in opposition.

10 Ways Pastors Can Foster a Love for Church Attendance within the Congregation

It requires patience to lead a congregation to see itself as body, family, temple, and bride—not an optional religious organization to make them feel better about themselves.

Faithful Christian Service Lines Up with Faithful Christology

Jesus calls us to delight in the mundane for his glory and to reflect his heart to serve. How does service reorder our lives?

The top 5 dangers church planters (and their churches) face

Quite simply, we’re all grieved over church planters failing—not at planting, but at living holy lives, and thus faltering at finishing well and honoring Christ above all.

5 ways elders should shepherd one another

Who will pastor the pastors? Who helps the pastors maintain steadiness in walking with Christ? Who sharpens them when dulled? Who cares for them when hurting?

Your church can reach the nations without leaving the neighborhood

International mission work, by God’s providence, is no longer just international.

5 tips for changing your church’s leadership structure

Be sure that a transition to a plurality of elders unites the congregation under God’s Word instead of dividing the congregation over opinions.

5 strategies for actually reforming your church

Good shepherding takes place in the steadiness of feeding, nurturing, caring, and watching out for the flock.

5 attitudes every new pastor needs

Nothing in seminary can quite get the young pastor completely ready for everything he will face in his first year.

3 strategies for preaching on holidays

Should I pause my expository preaching on holidays?