David E. Prince

David E. Prince
Assistant Professor of Christian Preaching

Prince brings to Southern Seminary many years of teaching, writing, and pastoral experience, having previously served Southern Seminary adjunctively since 2006, teaching courses on preaching and pastoral ministry. In addition to his role on the faculty, he is also the pastor of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. He is married to Judi and they have eight children.

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Here’s why we must never preach legalism

Legalism always produces two kinds of people: Those who know they do not measure up to God’s standards; and those who pretend that they measure up to God’s standards.

Christ-centered courage trumps charisma and gifts in evangelism

Love and mercy will reign forever when hate is cast away into outer darkness.

Daniel 1

The danger of preaching biblical truth, yet missing Christ

When ethical and moral imperatives are proclaimed as sufficient, even abstracted from Jesus, the result is a crossless Christianity in which the central message becomes an exhortation to live according to God’s rules.

Why it’s not enough for your sermon to be truthful

Sermons must be accurate and eloquent. Pointing people to Christ through proclaiming the Scripture demands committed excellence in every way from every fiber of our being.

The emptiness of Hallmark card race theology

I do not generally like Hallmark cards. When I get my wife, children, or someone else a card, I usually look for one that is attractive on the outside but blank on the inside. I prefer to write my thoughts inside the card because I never read what is written in Hallmark cards and think…

Merry Christmas should mean the end of racism

The birth of Christ was the decisive turning point in the salvation history, ushering in the multi-ethnic gospel community called the church.

How repentance leads to Christ-centered joy

It is not enough to go to God with broad generalizations about our sin. Our repentance should be specific, biblically named, and personally owned.

How to teach your church to fear the Lord

The biblical call to “fear the Lord,” means much more than our term for respect.

20 things every Christ-centered sermon needs

Did Jesus have to be resurrected for this sermon to work? If not, start over

The Pastor’s Home as Paradigm of the Church’s Family Ministry

The idea of fathers as the pastors of their homes is not one constructed artificially; it arises from the testimony of Scripture. The word “pastor” comes from the Latin word for “shepherd”—and every father is called to serve as a shepherd in his home (5).

Preach Christ from the Gospels

In the gospels, the biblical storyline moves from the Old Testament promise of a messianic kingdom to the presence of the messianic King

Fathers as Shepherds

Fathers are called to be pastors in their homes.