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Twentieth Anniversary

A president at work: 
Mohler’s investment in the 
next generation of leaders

  During the presidency of R. Albert Mohler Jr., seven men have worked for him as research assistants and directors of theological research. Not only did they help him organize material and prepare for writing projects, speaking and preaching engagements, debates and more, but they received a unique kind of education in return.   Gregory…

Innovative Communicator of Evangelical Conviction

Whatever the current communications technology, you’ll find R. Albert Mohler Jr. there, employing it as part of a multi-media cultural engagement in the battle for gospel truth.  •  From faxes to blogs to radio to podcasts to social media, during his 20-year tenure as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mohler has embraced each…

Evangelical centrifuge: president Mohler builds a faculty

When R. Albert Mohler Jr. assumed office as the ninth president of Southern Seminary, he brought with him a desire to bring the theology taught in the classrooms into conformity with the heritage of the institution’s founding faculty members — James P. Boyce, John A. Broadus, Basil Manly Jr. and William Williams. In 1993, few…

Twenty years and counting: Mohler reflects on his presidency of Southern Seminary

In April 1995, he was completely spent. “I thought it was all over,” said R. Albert Mohler Jr. “I just thought I didn’t have anymore to give. I thought this was it.” Two weeks earlier, the faculty of Southern Seminary, where Mohler had been president for less than two years, overwhelmingly supported a motion that…