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Timothy Paul Jones

Editorial: Family-Based Youth Ministry was the first family ministry book I ever read.

My first response was to reject family ministry as an utterly ridiculous and impractical idea in my context. It took two years for the struggles of ministry and the work of the Spirit to change my mind. “I Don’t See Any Way That This Could Work Here” In 2002, I was called to oversee children’s…

Your church is not your platform

The church is not a platform to serve a pastor’s visionary ideals, social stature, or emotional well-being. The church is the blood-bought property of God. For a pastor to treat the people as his platform is an act of treasonous theft, stealing for himself that which Christ our great high priest has purchased at the cost of his own blood.

The tools your church needs for effective family ministry

How can your ministry equip parents with the resources they need? In the first place, help parents to see that if they are believers in Jesus Christ, God has already equipped them with his Spirit, his Word and the community of faith (John 16:12–14; Eph 4:11–16; 2 Tim 3:16–17; Heb. 13:21). Through these gifts from…

How to train parents to disciple their kids

If we want our family ministries to be effective, we need to involve parents.

Life as a Shepherd Leader

The young man who declared he wanted to be a pastor but didn’t want to deal with people was contradicting himself. You can’t be a shepherd without living among the sheep.

Grace that is greater than all our sin: An interview with Timothy Paul Jones

  EDITOR’S NOTE: In what follows, Timothy Paul Jones, C. Edwin Gheens Professor of Christian Family Ministry and associate vice president for online learning at Southern Seminary, discusses his new book — co-written with Sojourn Community Church pastor Daniel Montgomery — PROOF, with Towers book review editor Matt Damico. A brief review of the book…

Why does the IRS get my taxes even when Jesus has my heart?

  Over the next couple of days, millions of Americans will endure the filing and, in some cases, the payment of taxes. Taxation has never been particularly popular among Americans, having once incited several dozen Bostonians to dress up as Mohawk Native Americans and toss tea into a harbor. Even in the months that followed…

How a biblical worldview shapes the way we teach our children

To have a biblical worldview is to interpret every aspect of our lives — including our relationships with children — within the framework of God’s story. At the center of God’s story stands this singular act: in Jesus Christ, God personally intersected human history and redeemed humanity at a particular time in a particular place.…

Shaping a child’s soul, a task too important to be turned over to the professionals

  I saw something beautiful one day while walking down Breckenridge Lane. In a front yard not far from my home, a young mother was removing a layer of leftover leaves from the fall in preparation for planting spring flowers — an ordinary activity in the middle of an ordinary day. What was extraordinary about…