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Thomas J. Nettles

An Encouragement to Use Catechisms

Many contemporaries have a deep-seated suspicion of catechisms. In our own Baptist denomination, many would consider the words “Baptist catechism” as mutually exclusive. A popular misconception is that catechisms are used in times and places where inadequate views of conversion predominate or the fires of evangelism have long since turned to white ash. If the…

The Winter 2009 SBJT Forum

James Petigru Boyce: For Christ and His Church

Spurgeon: Faithful man, faithful ministry, and the importance of early impressions

  Charles Haddon Spurgeon experienced a constant flow of impressions early in life that settled many issues of personal integrity and faithfulness to one’s calling. He recalled clearly how, when allowed to sit in the studies of his grandfather or father, as they prepared to preach on Sundays, he must not speak or fidget so…

The Passion and Doctrine of Andrew Fuller in The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation

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