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Stephen J. Wellum

Editorial: The Glory of Christ in Colossians

Editorial: Reflections on Living in Light of Sin and Evil

Living in this fallen world, we all face suffering and evil. One of the most common questions asked by non-Christians is how we, as Christians, explain the existence of evil and cope with it. Christians also are not immune to these questions and it is for this reason we have devoted an entire issue of…

Editorial: Continuing to Learn from Andrew Fuller (1754-1815)

Editorial: Learning from the Life and Ministry of Andrew Fuller

Editorial: The Glorious Work of God the Holy Spirit

Editorial: Knowing, Adoring, and Proclaiming God the Son Incarnate

Christological Reflections in Light of Scripture’s Covenants

Editorial: Our Greatest Need and Privilege: Knowing our Triune God

Editorial: Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible

Editorial: Reading Luke’s Passion Narrative in Light of the Whole Story

Editorial: Recovering the Message of Ecclesiastes for the Church Today

Editorial: Reflections on the Great Commission

Editorial: Debating the Historicity of Adam: Does it Matter?

Editorial: Learning from the Puritans

Editorial: Reflections on the Importance of Galatians for Today

Editorial: Reflecting upon the “Theological Interpretation of Scripture”

Editorial: Thinking Biblically and Theologically about Eschatology

Editorial: John Calvin: Reflecting upon One of God’s Gifts to the Church