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R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Can revival come?

  Editor’s note: This week at Southern Seminary we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry. In light of this, the following article is adapted from Billy Graham’s message at the Oct. 14, 1993, worship service held at Freedom Hall in Louisville during inauguration ceremonies for R. Albert…

Evangelicalism’s major turn: the need for ‘generation replant’

  One stunning building in Manchester, England, is now a climbing center. In Bristol, one is now a circus school, with trapezes hanging from the rafters. Others are now grocery stores, car dealerships, libraries and pubs. All over England, many are now Islamic mosques. What do these venerable buildings have in common? Until recently, all…

Permanence before experience — the wisdom of marriage

  Rightly understood, marriage is all about permanence. In a world of transitory experiences, events, and commitments, marriage is intransigent. It simply is what it is — a permanent commitment made by a man and a woman who commit themselves to live faithfully unto one another until the parting of death. That is what makes…