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R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Don’t Just Stand There: Do Something

  Opening Convocation – John 9:1-7 The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary August 26, 2003 Alumni Memorial Chapel The convocation ceremony and service is now very much a part of American academic life.  This is an inheritance from the medieval era, when in the day of the rise of the university, Christian scholars gathered together faculty and…

The Digital Divide: A Wake Up Call To Christian Leaders

Retailers have no choice but to go where consumers are. The Wall Street Journal recently looked at a typical American family, the Ulitcans of Columbus, Ohio. The 50-something parents have four children, ranging in age from 10 to 27. The parents do their shopping in local stores and shopping malls. Their children do not follow…

Newsweek vs. the New Testament: A Case Study in Clashing Worldviews

All readings of the Bible are based in some faith, and deeply grounded in some set of presuppositions. For the many people engaged in academia today, that faith is some form of ideological secularism. A Christian reading should always be absolutely transparent and clear about confessional commitments. And, we should never allow that those who…