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Christian Engagement in Secular Society: Politics, the Gospel, and Moral Influence

Justice, Anselm, and the Western Tradition

A Free Church in a Free State

The Church Militant and Her Warfare: We Are Not Another Interest Group

Being Salt and Light in an Unsavory and Dark Age: The Christian and Politics

Christian Responsibility in the Public Square

Book Reviews (Winter 2007)

Table of Contents (Fall 2007)

Editorial: Learning from the Epistle to the Romans

The Setting of Romans in the Ministry of Paul

Is Romans Really the Greatest Letter Ever Written?

“They Exchanged the Glory of God for the Likeness of an Image”: Idolatrous Adam and Israel as Representatives in Paul’s Letter to the Romans

The Theology of Romans in Future Tense

The Gospel as the Revelation of Mystery: The Witness of the Scriptures to Christ in Romans

Paul’s Universalizing Hermeneutic in Romans

Sermon: Loving One Another Fulfi lls the Law: Romans 13:8-10

Russell Moore Sermon, “Jesus, Take the Meal: Why We’re Afraid of the Lord’s Table” (Luke 22:7-30) (PDF handout) Russell Moore, Senior VP for Academic Administration and Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. This message was delivered in seminary chapel on August 23, 2007.

Table of Contents (Summer 2007)